Zayn Malik Gets New Henna-Style Flower Wrist Tattoo at L.A. Tattoo Parlor

Zayn Malik Gets New Henna-Style Flower Wrist Tattoo at L.A. Tattoo Parlor
By | On February 18, 2014

Zayn Malik may be best known for his bad-boy reputation, but the One Direction singer appears to be embracing his spiritual side with his latest ink – a large Henna-style flower tattoo that is kind of reminiscent of Rihanna’s hand and wrist tat. Zayn’s new tattoo was revealed on February 18, 2014, when a photo of the new ink was posted on Twitter, and we have to say, the intricate flower tat is sort of growing on us. The tattoo features a large black and white image of a flower surrounded by an ornate Henna-style design, and the tat reaches from the top of Zayn’s left hand, onto his wrist and partially up his forearm. There are several gray “rays” incorporated into the design that gradually fade out and look like they would blend in perfectly with additional ink. Dare we say this could be the beginning of another full sleeve??

Zayn already rocks 40+ tattoos scattered across his body, but the inked-up pop star has previously admitted his desire to have two full sleeves, so he’s definitely not done yet. His latest tat was inked by tattoo artist Louie Perez of the Shamrock Social Club in West Hollywood, a shop responsible for inking tattoos on a number of other pop stars, including Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles. In fact, it was Freddy Negrete of the Shamrock Social Club in Los Angeles who was reportedly heartbroken when Harry went elsewhere to have his rose tattoo inked on his arm. When it comes to tattoos, Zayn apparently plays favorites, with many of his tattoos, including the controversial gun tat he had inked on his hip back in November 2013, courtesy of the Shamrock Social Club.

It seems like Zayn Malik and his One Direction buddies are posting up at a tattoo shop every other day, which has us wondering what inspires their individual tattoos. Some of Zayn’s ink, like the large microphone tat on his arm, are pretty self-explanatory, but other pieces take a little bit of digging to unearth their meaning. Zayn’s Henna-style flower tattoo on his arm, for example. The art of Henna tattooing is a cultural practice that dates back more than 5,000 years, and is commonly used today in ceremonial practices, traditional marriages, and as an expression of luck and happiness. Unlike temporary Henna tattoos, permanent designs like this tattoo and Rihanna’s Henna-style wrist tat allow for a lasting reminder of that happiness.zayn malik flower wrist tattoo

While RiRi chose an intricately-detailed lace-like Henna image to be inked on her hand and wrist earlier this year, Zayn opted for an ornate black and white flower design, which, in the practice of Henna tattooing, symbolizes pure happiness and joy. According to tradition, a Henna tattoo inked on the back of the hand, like Zayn’s, also represents protection, and Henna ink on the left hand in particular is receptive and typically stands for women. Our guess is, after getting a literal representation of fiance Perrie Edwards last year in the form of a portrait tattoo, Zayn decided to get a more spiritual symbol of his relationship with a cool new Henna tattoo. We dig it!

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