Zayn Malik & Louis Tomlinson Hit up Tattoo Parlor, Louis Gets Infinity Rope & Zayn???

Zayn Malik & Louis Tomlinson Hit up Tattoo Parlor, Louis Gets Infinity Rope & Zayn???
By | On June 26, 2013

Hot on the heels of the wolf leg tattoo Zayn Malik recently debuted, the One Direction singer and his band mate Louis Tomlinson hit up yet another tattoo parlor in Maryland earlier this week, and we’re wondering if Zayn has added to his tattoo collection yet again! News broke about the potential new tattoo for Zayn Malik when tattoo artist Paul Natale posted a photo on Instagram of Louis and Zayn at his tattoo shop, along with the caption: “So…One direction showed up today.” Talk about good publicity; his tattoo shop was probably instantly overwhelmed by screaming teenage girls. But, back to the most important question…did Zayn Malik get inked along with Louis during the tattoo session?

Louis Reveals Infinity Rope Tattoo


Following Natale’s Instagram post, Louis revealed the new tattoo he got courtesy of the Maryland tattoo shop – a cool rope tattoo inked around his right wrist. Louis’ brand-new tattoo features a simple black and white image of a rope that is twisted into the iconic shape of an infinity symbol on the outside of his wrist. The rope tattoo circles around to the inside of his wrist, where Louis already had two sets of quotation marks inked, and the two ends of the rope are disconnected. Die-hard fans of One Direction are, of course, attempting to interpret the meaning behind Louis Tomlinson’s tattoo, and some believe the broken rope image symbolizes broken ties of some sort.

Keep Up to Date w/ Zayn Malik’s Tattoos!

louis-zayn-getting-tatsConsidering that fact that the One Direction boys absolutely love to get inked together and many of them sport identical tattoos, we’re wondering if Zayn and Louis hit up the Maryland tattoo parlor for some matching ink. Despite Louis’ tattoo reveal on Twitter, there haven’t been any new tattoo sightings for Zayn since his wolf leg tattoo, although there are rumors floating around that the pop star got a hashtag tattoo inked on his leg. We wouldn’t be surprised if Zayn opted for another leg tattoo, since he has basically covered his entire right arm in ink and is quickly running out of room for new tattoos. Stay tuned to get the inside scoop on Zayn Malik’s tattoos and any new ink he gets in the future!

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