Ben Affleck Spotted With Giant Back Tattoo Following Jennifer Garner Divorce Announcement

Ben Affleck Spotted With Giant Back Tattoo Following Jennifer Garner Divorce Announcement
By | On July 14, 2015

The only thing getting more press these days than Ben Affleck’s recent announcement of his long-rumored split from Jennifer Garner is the giant “tramp stamp” style tattoo covering the actor’s lower back. During a Starbucks run last week, Ben Affleck was spotted with what appears to be a large, red and bluish-green tattoo on the lower-left portion of his back, and while it’s not clear if the ink is old or new (or real or fake for that matter), many people are speculating that the actor splurged for a new tattoo when he and his wife of ten years decided to call it quits.

We hate to say it, but Ben Affleck was looking a little worse for wear during his Los Angeles Starbucks run last week, and we have to imagine that his impending divorce is weighing heavily on him. Ben and Jennifer Garner have three children and have been married for ten years, and while they still managed to vacation together in the Bahamas earlier this month, the fact that they announced their impending divorce on the day after their wedding anniversary really says something, doesn’t it? Could it be that Ben Affleck decided to get a new back tattoo as a reminder of his formerly solid marriage, or as a tribute to his new turn as a bachelor?

Whether Ben Affleck’s back tattoo is new or not, it’s definitely not his first. The 42-year-old already has quite a few pieces scattered across his body, including a skull and crossbones tat on his arm, a cross on his shoulder, and an old-school barbed wire tattoo on his bicep, and in 2000, the actor was quoted as saying about his tattoos, “I was young. It was fun and cool. I’m sorry now, but it is a good lesson in decisions that have important and long repercussions.” Oh wait, we can’t forget about Ben’s best tattoo: a dolphin tat on his right hip, which covers up the name of his high school girlfriend. We guess it’s a good thing the actor never got a tattoo tribute to Jennifer Garner! Or did he…

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