Chris Brown is Getting a New Neck Tattoo of a Woman’s Face

Chris Brown is Getting a New Neck Tattoo of a Woman’s Face
By | On September 11, 2012

UPDATE:  Given their violent history, it’s no surprise that everyone thought Chris Brown’s neck tattoo represented a battered Rihanna. However, Breezy has set the record straight, assuring us all that his neck tattoo of a woman’s face is actually a symbol of the Mexican holiday called “Dios de los Muertos” – or the Day of the Dead. Sugar skulls, which are skull or face images like the one Breezy now has inked on his neck, are commonly associated with the Mexican Day of the Dead celebration, and are used to honor the dead. Apparently Brown really liked the “sugar skull” design used in a MAC cosmetics advertisement, and he brought a photo of the woman’s face with him to the tattoo parlor when he got his neck tattoo, which was inked by artist Peter Koskela. “I am an artist and this is art,” Chris Brown tweeted on Sept. 11, 2012 after debuting his neck tattoo the day before. So there you have it – there is no connection between Brown’s 2009 abuse charges against Rihanna and his new neck tattoo.


First, Chris Brown gets current girlfriend Karrueche Tran’s face inked on his arm, and now pictures of a potential new tattoo for the singer has people wondering who this mystery lady could be. Chris Brown posted pics to his Instagram account on Wednesday, and even more shocking than his bright blue mohawk is what looks like the crude beginnings of a new tattoo on his neck. Who do you think the two-faced woman Chris Brown might be inking on his neck could be?

Chris Brown has been making headlines quite a bit recently, from his impromptu vacations, his possible reunion with former flame Rihanna, and the numerous new tattoos he has gotten so far in 2012. Well, Breezy has found himself the topic of conversation yet again, as he appears to be planning to get a new neck tattoo sometime soon. It was just two months ago that Chris Brown debuted the intense wolf Indian chief tattoo on his neck, and it looks like he is going to ink up the other side of his neck with an image of a two-faced woman.

The Woman in Chris’ Potential New Neck Tattoo

Chris Brown Woman Neck TattooOn August 29, 2012, Chris posted an Instagram picture of himself sporting a blue mohawk and showing off his wolf Indian chief neck tattoo. He also included another picture of the other side of his neck, where it looks like he or someone else has sketched out a potential new neck tattoo. The unfinished tat features the outline of a woman’s face, normal on one side and scattered with what looks like flowers, leaves and lines on the other side. Of course, given the Rihanna/Chris Brown reunion everyone has been talking about, the consensus seems to be that the two-faced woman may have something to do with RiRi, who recently confessed to Oprah that Breezy is, and will always be, the true love of her life.

Chris Brown and Rihanna’s Matching Tattoos

In the picture featuring may be Chris’ new neck tattoChris Brown Rihanna Matching Tattooso, you can also see the three stars he has inked behind his ear and the very top of the feather tat he has inked on his upper back. If the two-faced woman does have something to do with Rihanna, it would be fitting that Chris Brown inked the tat below the stars, since it’s a matching tattoo he has with Rihanna. The former couple got the matching stars tattoos back in 2008, when they were still an item, and they also got matching tribal hand tattoos that same year. Although Rihanna has since added to her stars tattoo to make it her own, Chris has left the three stars alone, sparking even more rumors that he wants RiRi back in his life.

Chris Brown Has Lots of Tattoos!

Even though the picture of the woman on Chris Brown’s neck may only be the beginning sketch of a new tattoo, it wouldn’t be surprising if the R&B star covered up that part of his neck in the near future. Chris Brown already has dozens and dozens of tattoos on his body, and since getting the wolf Indian chief tat back in July, he has probably been dying to ink up the empty space on the other side of his neck. Truth be told, there isn’t all that much empty space left on Chris Brown’s body, so he better be sure this two-faced lady is worth it before hitting the tattoo parlor!

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