Sorry, Folks. Chris Brown Didn’t Get a New Tattoo

Sorry, Folks. Chris Brown Didn’t Get a New Tattoo
By | On July 2, 2015

Chris Brown got the internet all in a tizzy after posting a photo of him sleeping through a tattoo session, with everyone trying to figure out what the singer’s new neck tattoo design is. We’ve got the real story for you though…it turns out, the photo Chris Brown posted to his Instagram account on June 30 is actually three years old. It’s the very same tattoo session where Breezy got his wolf chief neck tattoo from tattoo artist Peter Koskela in Los Angeles, and he just re-posted it this week to reflect his “Mood (sleep through it),” which is exactly what Chris Brown captioned the snap.

Think back to 2012, when Chris Brown got a large tattoo on the side of his neck of “an Indian chief transforming into a wolf,” and you may recall that he posted a photo online of him with his eyes closed while getting inked, which basically skyrocketed him to baller status. Fast forward to June 30, 2015, and you’ll notice that he posted the very same tattoo session picture on Instagram, but what’s noticeably missing from the photo is the large devil face tattoo Chris had inked on his throat in November 2014, to cover up his lion neck tat. You know what that means…this is an old photo!

Chris Brown Wolf Chief TattooIt’s been quite a while since we’ve seen a new Chris Brown tattoo, so we’re not surprised the internet was ready to jump on this one. It was eight months ago that Breezy debuted the creepy devil face cover-up tattoo on his throat, and it was more than a year before that that he revealed the huge and super awesome dinosaur skeleton tattoo on his side. It’s possible that the singer is trying to lay low, what with his ongoing legal troubles and baby mama drama, but knowing him, it won’t be too long before we see a real new Chris Brown tattoo. Stay tuned to Pop Star Tats fans, and we’ll keep you up-to-date on all your favorite pop stars’ tattoos…real and fake!

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