Hailey Baldwin Gets Two New Tattoos, Then Inks a Friend!

Hailey Baldwin Gets Two New Tattoos, Then Inks a Friend!
By | On May 6, 2015

**Update: The second tattoo Hailey Baldwin got during this tattoo session was a tiny gun inked on the inside of her left-hand middle finger. “I don’t know why I have this tattoo,” Hailey wrote in an Instagram post. “Just another story to tell lol. It is what it is.”

Model Hailey Baldwin pulled a Miley Cyrus last week when she turned the tattoo needle on a friend after getting two new tattoos of her own – a tiny heart tat on the back of her ankle and another piece that she hasn’t yet revealed. Hailey Baldwin’s tattoos were inked by artist Jon Boy, who owns a tattoo shop in New York City, and in a move befitting our very favorite tattoo artist, Bang Bang, Jon Boy, following the tattoo session, allowed Hailey to turn the tables and ink a permanent tat on the back of his own hand/wrist.

Hailey Baldwin’s new tattoos were inked on April 30, several months after the 18-year-old model went under the needle for the first time, in order to get her mind off being dumped by Justin Bieber and hearing of his reunion with on-again, off-again girlfriend Selena Gomez. And while Hailey noted that her latest tattoos are “sooooo tiny,” she admitted that there are two people who likely won’t share her excitement about the fresh ink.


“I don’t know who I’m more scared to tell about my two new tats, my mom or my agent…” the 18-year-old model wrote in a Twitter post on April 30, the day she went under the needle. She then followed up the news of her brand-new tattoos with a video of her turning the tattoo needle on tattoo artist and friend Jon Boy, along with the caption: “Welp @jonboytattoo let me give him a tattoo. #whydoyoutrustmesomuch.”

This recent tattoo session isn’t the first time Hailey Baldwin has gone under the needle for some new ink. The model and daughter of Stephen Baldwin got her very first tattoo back in January – featuring the Roman numerals VI.X.XC on her wrist – courtesy of the one and only Jon Boy. According to an Instagram post Hailey shared after getting her first tattoo, the Roman numerals stand for June 10, 1990, which, with a little digging, we discovered is the wedding date of her parents, Stephen and Kennya Baldwin.


Although Hailey mentioned being nervous about showing off her new ink to her team, her agent recently said in an interview with E! News, “Hailey is a very mature 18-year-old. If she wants to get a couple of small tattoos, we support her always. Many models have tattoos nowadays, and small, discreet tattoos don’t affect careers at all.” In fact, for some models, discreet, interesting tattoos may actually help their careers really take off. Just ask Cara Delevingne!

Welp @jonboytattoo let me give him a tattoo. #whydoyoutrustmesomuch

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