Justin Bieber Hits L.A. With Dad, His Tattoo Mentor

Justin Bieber Hits L.A. With Dad, His Tattoo Mentor
By | On August 13, 2012

In a rare father-son outing, Justin and Jeremy Bieber hit L.A. for some lunch and a casual bonding experience, just the two of them. The two men strolled around Calabasa, CA, sans-bodyguard and just enjoyed one another’s company, which doesn’t happen often since Jeremy lives outside the States. And thanks to the warm California weather (and despite Justin’s baggy ensemble), the pics show off the Biebs’ praying hands tattoo and Japanese symbol tattoo. Check ’em out!

Justin Bieber’s dad Jeremy still lives in Canada, so it’s not every day the two get to spend some quality time together without other things getting in the way. Early last week though, the Biebs left Selena Gomez and his siblings behind, and father and son enjoyed a rare bonding experience together in Calabasas, California. Dressed casually in a t-shirt and cut-off jeans, Justin Bieber looked like he was having a great time with his dad, who sported camo shorts and a white tank top. The singer and his dad grabbed some lunch and roamed L.A., giving us all the opportunity to check out the tattooed duo!

Justin Bieber and Dad Tattoos

Justin’s Dad’s Tats & Their Matching Tattoos

Take one look at Jeremy Bieber, and it’s obvious where Justin got the inspiration for his six tattoos and counting. Justin’s dear old dad sports a number of tats, including a full sleeve, a half sleeve and a couple of tattoos on his chest and stomach. Justin and Jeremy have even hit the tattoo parlor together a number of times, and have matching “Yeshua” tattoos on their ribcages, which means “Jesus” in Hebrew. Jeremy was also in on the Biebs’ first-ever tattoo, which likely fueled the singer’s subsequent tattoo obsession. Following in his father’s footsteps, Justin got a small seagull tattoo inked on his left hip for his 16th birthday, which is apparently a family tradition in the Bieber family.

After getting that first ribcage tattoo with his dad, Justin went on to get two more religion-inspired tats, both of which are inked on his left leg. Both of Justin Bieber’s leg tattoos were inked in the beginning of 2012, and one features an image of Jesus wearing a crown of thorns, while the other depicts a large pair of praying hands. In the pics of Justin enjoying a day out with his dad, you can clearly see his praying hands tattoo on his leg, which is surprising considering how low Bieber is wearing his cut-off jeans. You can also catch a glimpse of Justin Bieber’s newest tattoo in the photos, which is a tiny Japanese symbol meaning “music” inked on his right forearm.

After being on a religious tattoo kick for a while, JB apparently moved onto another important inspiration in his personal and professional life – music. Shortly before getting his Japanese kanji tattoo, the Biebs got the word “Believe” inked on the inside of his left forearm as a tribute to his most recent album of the same name. Jeremy Bieber was not to be out-done though, and he decided to get a “JB” tattoo inked on his right hip in honor of his son’s 18th birthday in March 2012. Since Jeremy and Justin have the same initials, the argument could be made that the singer’s dad got a tattoo of his own initials, but Jeremy did post this tweet afterward, “Come check out what I got @justinbieber for his birthday.” That’s some birthday present.

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