Recent Esquire UK Photo Shoot Reveals Rihanna’s New Tattoo on Her Hip

Recent Esquire UK Photo Shoot Reveals Rihanna’s New Tattoo on Her Hip
By | On June 6, 2012

You saw it here first! Rihanna’s mysterious tattoo on her rear-end is visible in the risqué photo shoot she recently did for Esquire UK. While RiRi’s sexy pics were definitely the attention grabbers, the ones of Rihanna’s hip/derriere and new tattoo aren’t so bad either. One of the cutouts on the barely-there bottoms the singer is wearing is perfectly placed to show off the tattoo Rihanna got in January 2012. RiRi’s tattoos have been a hot topic of conversation lately, and these steamy new pics of the singer’s secret tattoo will certainly keep the fans wanting more.

We know it’s hard to take your eyes off Rihanna’s sexy photo in Esquire UK’s recent photo shoot, but you’ve got to check out the equally sexy pics of the superstar in a camo jacket and teeny-tiny booty shorts to see her new tattoo. The military-themed photo shoot perfectly accentuates many of Rihanna’s tattoos, particularly the one she got most recently, which is inked on her left hip/rear-end area. Rihanna has stayed mum about the meaning of her rear/hip tattoo, but she has taken several opportunities to show it off – including a Hawaiian beach getaway, during which she sported a skimpy bikini, and now this new sexy Esquire UK photo shoot.

Rihanna Dresses Down and Shows Off Rear-end Tattoo

Back in January 2012, Rihanna gave a shout out to rapper Tupac in the most permanent of ways, with a new tattoo. Along with pics of her “Thug Life” finger tat though, the singer also posted pictures online of herself getting what looked like a lower back tat. Most people forgot about these pictures when a new tattoo on RiRi’s back never emerged, but we’ve kept it in the back of our minds just waiting for the inside scoop. Well, now you have it. Rihanna’s new tattoo is actually located on her hip and you can check it out by looking at the pics we’ve collected from the pop queen’s recent Esquire photo shoot.Rihanna's Secret Hip Tattoo

Esquire Cover Shot Exposes Rihanna’s Tattoos

Rihanna has graced the cover of Esquire UK’s July issue, and fans of the pop star could not be happier. Not only do they get to see RiRi in next to nothing, but they also get to scope out plenty of Rihanna’s tattoos. In addition to her new rear-end tattoo, Rihanna’s saucy military photo shoot also shows off her “Never a failure, always a lesson” tattoo on her shoulder, the Roman numeral tat on her other shoulder, and a hint of the Sanskrit prayer the Bajan beauty has inked on her right hip. Check out the pic of Rihanna posing in a pretty darn revealing crocheted bikini and you can even see Rihanna’s tribal tattoo on her hand and the Arabic tat she has inked on her left side.Rihanna Esquire Cover

Rihanna Will Not Be Censored

Thank goodness for photo shoots like these, or else we would never be able to keep up with all of Rihanna’s tattoos! The sexy singer says tattoos are a big part of her life, and she has admitted to being addicted to tattoos in general, saying that she likes to hang out in tattoo parlors and “study” people. Counting the new tattoo on her hip, Rihanna currently has over a dozen tats inked in different spots on her body, yet she has managed to keep it completely classy. Some people may argue that a carefully placed piece of material on a crocheted bikini and a pair of booty shorts with the back end cut out is far from classy. But, as the Esquire cover says, “Rihanna will not be censored.”

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