Rita Ora’s Iconic “Love Me” Wrist Tattoo

Rita Ora’s Iconic “Love Me” Wrist Tattoo
By | On April 12, 2012

Following the same love theme as many of her other tattoos, British pop star Rita Ora got a cool tat on the inside of her right wrist that says “love me” in script. Rita’s “love me” tat is inked in red, just like the “love” tattoo she has on the inside of her right-hand ring finger, and the “M” is stylized to look like a heart. During a Tat Nation interview with KDWB’s “Big D,” Rita explained that her “love me” tattoo has just been done and was still a little scabby, so the wrist tattoo must have been inked in July or August 2012.

Iconic “Love Me” Campaign

Although Rita Ora’s tattoo may look like a random design, the graffiti-style “love me” heart tag is actually a very well-known design of Curtis Kulig’s, an American artist, illustrator and photographer based in New York City. Kulig is best known for his raw black and white lifestyle photography and his iconic “Love Me” campaign, which Kulig developed in 2005 as something small that he just wanted to do, and which he says has now become something bigger than himself. Today, the “love me” heart tag can be found on canvases, hotel room walls, billboards and as street graffiti in New York City and around the world.

Rita Loves Fashion, Tats & Art

Rita Ora has become somewhat of a fashion icon recently, with her bright neon colors, gold Jordans and the way she flawlessly combines street style with designer clothes. She has also said that she sees tattoos as another form of art, but it appears that the pop star has an appreciation for a more traditional kind of art as well. In addition to her wrist tattoo, styled after Curtis Kulig’s “love me” tag, Rita also has a large tattoo of a woman on her side that replicates artist Alberto Vargas’ famous pin-up painting “Memories of Olive.” Rita’s Vargas pin-up girl tattoo is cool and all, but we really love the cute graffiti-style “love me” tattoo on Rita’s wrist!

“Love Me” Hits Close to Home

“Whatever it has become,” Kulig says about the “love me” tag that has cropped up in tattoos and in cities all over the world, “it’s kind of my everything.” Obviously, Kulig’s “Love Me” campaign has hit close to home with a number of other people, because, in addition to Rita’s “love me” tat on her wrist, British singer Karis Anderson has the same “love me” tattoo inked on the outside of her hand. Oddly enough, Curtis’ little brother is a tattoo artist, so the “love me” tattoos are kind of fitting, don’t you think?

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