Bang Bang Trusts Another Artist to Ink His New Disney Tattoo!

Bang Bang Trusts Another Artist to Ink His New Disney Tattoo!
By | On January 8, 2016

If you follow Bang Bang on Instagram, you know there are few things the tattoo artist loves more than going to Disney World, which is why he decided to get a new tattoo of the iconic Mickey Mouse ears on his finger. But rather than inking this latest tattoo himself, he trusted fellow artist Hector Daniels, who works at Bang Bang’s tattoo shop in New York City, to do the job. The result is a simple and adorable Disney-inspired tattoo featuring an outline of the Mickey Mouse symbol, inked in black on the inside of Bang Bang’s left-hand ring finger.

Hector Daniels posted a photo of Bang Bang’s Disney tattoo on Instagram on January 7, along with the caption “This was fun! #honored #thankful #disneymagic #bangbangNYC.” But not before Bang Bang uploaded a photo of the new ink himself, captioning the snap, “My newest tattoo hiya Mickey. Thanks @hectordanielsnyc you’re perfect.” Obviously, Hector Daniels thinks a lot of Bang Bang’s work (which we agree is always amazing) and was honored to be chosen to ink his latest tattoo. And, even more meaningful, Bang Bang called the Disney-inspired piece “perfect.”

You might be curious to know why a 29-year-old man covered in tattoos is so psyched about Disney World and everything Disney-related. Well, as it turns out, Bang Bang’s father used to work for Disney, and the tattoo artist also has two kids who share his love for the magic of Disney. “It’s so funny, people always think I have my finger on the pulse,” Bang Bang said during an interview with “But I don’t – I run my company, I play with my children and go to theme parks. I could tell you more about what’s going on in Disney World than what’s going on in pop culture.”

That kind of down-to-earth charm is what sets Bang Bang apart from other artists in the tattoo biz, and what keeps his celebrity clientele coming back for more, time after time. To date, Bang Bang has tattooed the likes of Justin Bieber, Rihanna, Katy Perry, Rita Ora and Cara Delevingne, among other A-listers, and word on the street is, his studio on the Lower East Side of New York City has a wait-list that is months long. After all, how could you resist wanting to meet the dude who looks tough as hell, but who is also rocking a Mickey Mouse tattoo?

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