Weird (and a Little Scary) Tattoos of Justin Bieber!

Weird (and a Little Scary) Tattoos of Justin Bieber!
By | On August 30, 2012

A Justin Bieber zombie tattoo? Now we’ve seen it all. Justin Bieber fans may already appear to be certifiably insane to the rest of the world, but just wait until you see what they’ve had inked on their bodies in support of the Biebs. Now Justin can officially say that not only is his face on TV, in magazines, on billboards and on the Internet, his 18-year-old mug can also be found in some pretty interesting artwork tattooed on his most dedicated fans. Check out these wild Justin Bieber tattoos…you won’t regret it!

Justin Bieber tattoos are getting scarier and scarier looking, and more and more people out there are going to tattoo shops and getting them. Back in the day, fans used to hang photos of their celebrity idols on their bedroom wall or write them a letter asking for their autograph. What lengths do fans of the “Belieber” caliber go to these days to show their love for the Canadian pop star? They get Justin Bieber tattoos, of course.

Tattoo of Justin BieberJustin Bieber…you’re our only hope! Does anyone else think that the Justin Bieber tattoo featuring a young Biebs looking off into space makes him look more like a character from Star Wars than the teenage Canadian pop star he really is?  You’ve seen tattoos of Justin Bieber’s lyrics, and you’ve seen tattoos of Justin Bieber’s name, but have you ever seen a super creepy caricature of Justin Bieber’s face as a tattoo? Now you have! This guy got a cartoon Justin Bieber tattoo inked on the upper part of his left arm – oversized head, shaggy hair and all – and it really looks absolutely nothing like him. Fitted with a “Leave it to Bieber” cap and throwing a peace sign, this tattoo of Justin Bieber really just kinda makes you cringe. If there was ever a “what was I thinking?!” moment in this guy’s life, looking back on this Justin Bieber tattoo must be it.

Old-School Justin Bieber Tattoos

Tattoos of Justin Bieber have taken the world by storm and they seem to be just as popular among guys as they are among teenybopper girls, which is slightly confusing. If you don’t believe me, check out the tattoo of Justin Bieber that this guy got inked on his upper thigh (yes, his upper thigh). Rocking his old-school shaggy hairstyle, the Biebs in this tattoo of Justin Bieber falls a little short of the stylish pop star we know today. And complete with lyrics that actually don’t belong to Bieber at all, this Justin Bieber tattoo can be described as nothing less than epic.Justin Bieber Zombie Tattoo

Justin Bieber Zombie Tattoo

Ok, you know this whole zombie thing is getting way out of control when people start showing up with Justin Bieber zombie tattoos. This Justin Bieber fan got a picture of Justin’s face inked on her (or his?) arm, but decided to add a zombie twist to the already strange tat. The arm tattoo features another younger pic of Justin Bieber with shaggy hair, and an abnormally elongated face, part of which seems to have been eaten away – which isn’t surprising, being that he is the undead and all. The JB face tattoo also includes part of Justin’s neck, which ends in pretty disgusting-looking shredded skin. Awesome.

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