Katy Perry Gets “XLIX” Finger Tattoo After Super Bowl Halftime Performance

Katy Perry Gets “XLIX” Finger Tattoo After Super Bowl Halftime Performance
By | On February 2, 2015

Following a halftime performance that was nothing short of insane, Katy Perry celebrated her appearance at the 49th Super Bowl the best way she knows how – by getting a Super Bowl XLIX tattoo! The 30-year-old pop star, who was tapped for the gig after publicly denouncing the idea of paying the NFL to snag the spot, posted two photos to her Instagram account early in the morning on February 2 (or VERY late in the evening on February 1, depending on how you look at it), including one of a tattoo artist bent over her finger, and another of the completed ink. Katy Perry captioned the photos “I thought it would be appropriate to draw blood tonight…XLIX.”

Katy Perry is known for getting tattoos to commemorate some of the most important moments in her life, which is why she has a smiling peppermint tattoo on the inside of her right ankle and a smiling strawberry tat on the inside of her left ankle, in honor of her Teenage Dream and One of the Boys albums, respectively. It only made sense then, that Katy Perry would go under the needle for a tribute to her Super Bowl XLIX halftime performance, which saw the singer undergo four costume changes while performing in front of millions of people, complete with cameo appearances by Lenny Kravitz and Missy Elliot.

In order to snag the coveted halftime performance gig, Katy had to beat out other top-notch acts like Rihanna and Coldplay, so we don’t blame her for wanting a Super Bowl XLIX tattoo as a permanent reminder of the day. Katy Perry’s Super Bowl 49 tattoo is inked on the inside of her right-hand ring finger, right next to the Hello Kitty finger tat she had inked for her 30th birthday back in October. Performing for millions of people at the biggest sporting event in football history is obviously a major moment for Katy Perry, who posted a throwback photo to her Twitter account on Super Bowl Sunday, captioning the childhood pic, “Today is for this girl. She had the dream, always believed in herself & her worth. Today she is the one smiling.” Way to go Katy Perry!

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