Paris Jackson Shows Off Three New Pieces in Latest Tattoo Spree

Paris Jackson Shows Off Three New Pieces in Latest Tattoo Spree
By | On June 14, 2016

Ever since Paris Jackson turned 18 in April 2016, the daughter of the late Michael Jackson has been on a crazy tattoo spree, adding close to two dozen new pieces to her rapidly growing collection of ink, including a “Queen of my heart” tattoo tribute to her father, and a lotus flower tattoo dedicated to her grandmother. Paris’ three latest tattoos – a tattoo of the Eye of Horus on her thumb, a snaked and sword piece inked on her bicep, and a tribute to the 2001 film Donnie Darko on her forearm – are her latest tattoos, but are almost certainly not her last!

Just a few weeks after getting a tribute to her beloved father’s Dangerous album inked on her arm, Paris showed off another new tattoo in an Instagram photo uploaded to her account on Saturday, June 11, in which she is posing with boyfriend Michael Snoddy, who is ten years her senior, and Virginia-based tattoo artist Brandy Hollowell. In the photo, you can see a new tattoo on Paris’ right bicep, which features a green snake coiled around a sword with dragon wings protruding from the side of the sword and a skull on top. Paris Jackson’s tattoo was apparently inked while she and her boyfriend were visiting his home state of Virginia over the weekend.

paris jackson donnie darko tattoo
On Sunday, June 12, Paris Jackson revealed another new piece on Instagram that appears to be matching ink with Nigerian rapper Omer Bhatti. In her Insta post, Paris put two photos side by side, one of her and Omer with their matching Michael Jackson Dangerous album art tattoo tributes, and the other of the duo with matching black Eye of Horus tattoos. The Eye of Horus is a well-known symbol that stands for royal power, protection and good health, and while Omer’s Eye of Horus tat is inked on the inside of his wrist, Paris opted to get hers inked on the thumb of her right hand. The 18-year-old captioned the photo “bart & lisa back at it again.”

paris jackson sword and snake tattoo
On the same day that she showed off her new Eye of Horus tattoo, Paris emerged from a tattoo shop in Los Angeles with an intense tattoo on her arm of the demonic rabbit from Donnie Darko. Paris Jackson’s tattoo is inked on her right forearm, and features the rabbit inked in gray with a blue spattered background and the phrase “WAKE UP” inked below it. Her 23rd tattoo to date (and counting, no doubt), this Donnie Darko tattoo is also one of her largest and most colorful tattoos so far. When Paris posted a photo of her new forearm tattoo on Instagram, she included the following caption, a quote from the 2001 film: “What if you could go back in time and take all those hours of pain and darkness and replace them with something better – with things that remind you of how beautiful the world can be?”

paris jackson eye of horus tattoo
There’s no doubt in our minds that Paris Jackson will continue to get inked…we just can’t wait to see what designs the 18-year-old comes up with next!

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