Rihanna Flashes New Mystery Tattoo in Teeny Bikini Pictures

Rihanna Flashes New Mystery Tattoo in Teeny Bikini Pictures
By | On May 15, 2012

We may have solved the mystery of Rihanna’s lower back tattoo! You definitely don’t want to miss these pictures of Rihanna’s tattoo either, because the tat is located smack dab on her butt cheek. Read on to find out the inside scoop on Rihanna’s new tattoo!

Back when pictures of Rihanna’s thug life tattoo emerged in January 2012, we showed you some pictures of Rihanna laying on her stomach getting what looked like a lower back tattoo. Everyone else may have forgotten about this mysterious back tattoo, but we certainly didn’t! We have been scoping out pictures of RiRi’s tattoos hoping to unveil the superstar’s new lower back tat. Finally, in the pictures of Rihanna enjoying her Hawaiian beach getaway that hit the web earlier this month, we caught a glimpse of Rihanna’s new tattoo thanks to her skimpy blue and white fringe bikini. And the tat isn’t on her lower back after all…it’s on her butt cheek! With her back to the cameRihanna in Bikini - New Tattoo?ra, you can just make out a partially-hidden tat exposed beneath Rihanna’s barely-there bikini bottoms.

Plus, true to her self-professed tattoo addiction, Rihanna couldn’t help but hit the tattoo parlor on her way to meet her mom for a Mother’s Day dinner in Manhattan on Sunday. You all know that Rihanna’s favorite tattoo artist, Bang Bang McCurdy, does most of his work in New York City. Could this mean there is another Rihanna tattoo in the mix? Although it’s hard to tell exactly what Rihanna’s new tat on her butt says, there is no shortage of pictures of Rihanna in revealing outfits, so we’re sure to find out the details behind the mystery tat soon. Check back with us and we will keep you updated on Rihanna’s new tattoo!

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