Rihanna’s Star Tattoo Inside Her Ear

Rihanna’s Star Tattoo Inside Her Ear
By | On July 2, 2011

In 2007, Rihanna got a small outline of a star tattooed inside the upper part of her left ear during a visit to New York City. While she was in the Village, Rihanna simply stopped by a tattoo parlor – which she is known to do from time to time – and asked for this tasteful star tat. According to one source, the singer got the tattoo while her best friend from Barbados was visiting New York, and the star represents their friendship with one another. Some claim that Rihanna’s ear tattoo is “prison-style,” but that seems like a stretch to us. Perhaps the meaning of the ear tat represents her rise to stardom, or maybe she just thinks stars are cute and feminine. Whatever the reason, she must like stars an awful lot because a year after getting this ear tattoo Rihanna had a several dozen stars inked in a trail cascading down her neck and back. Simple as RiRi’s star tattoo may be, it still must have hurt like hell!

Rihanna Loves Tattoos!

For all the time Rihanna spends in the spotlight, there is an aspect of the pop star’s personality that remains mysterious and guarded. What we do know about the Barbadian beauty though, is that she loves tattoos and enjoys hanging out in tattoo shops in New York City. In fact, RiRi speaks often about her “obsession” with tattoos, claiming that it’s an entire culture that she enjoys studying and observing first-hand. It’s pretty obvious that Rihanna likes getting inked, and the singer’s star tattoo marks the fourth of the many tats the singer has added to her collection over the years. Although Rihanna has racked up nearly two dozen tattoos since 2006, all of her tats are tasteful and discrete, and many are hidden by her hair (when it’s long) and by her clothes…when she wears them. All in all, RiRi pulls off the tattooed look better than anyone we know!

Rihanna’s Growing Collection of Ink

Rihanna's Ear Star TattooBy studying Rihanna’s new tattoos, we can learn a little bit more about her as a person, rather than the Rihanna we know as an incredibly successful singer and celebrity. Typical photos in the media show the 23-year-old as a fashion icon and sultry seductress. Pictures of RiRi’s tattoos, however, show the star as a pioneer in tattoo trends. Although she doesn’t sport full body tattoos like other famously inked-up celebrities, Rihanna’s tattoos are definitely abundant, and she doesn’t show any interest in giving up on the ink anytime soon. The difference between her tats and the ink found on other celebrities is that RiRi’s are feminine, classy, and, for the most part, discrete. Check out pics of Rihanna’s tattoos to see the rest of the star’s body art!

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