Amber Rose Gets Inked With Hilarious Tattoo of Wiz Khalifa’s Face

Amber Rose Gets Inked With Hilarious Tattoo of Wiz Khalifa’s Face
By | On May 19, 2013

Amber Rose and baby daddy Wiz Khalifa have yet to tie the knot, but the new mom to Sebastian “Bash” Taylor has proven her devotion to Wiz with a brand new tattoo – a hilarious portrait of the rapper inked on the back of her arm. Amber Rose debuted her new tattoo on Instagram back in April, along with the caption: “True Love #Cam&Amb :-)” In Amber’s portrait tattoo, Wiz Kahlifa, whose real name is Cameron Jibril Thomaz, has a big grin on his face, two huge rocks in his ears and a big chain around his neck, marijuana leaves all around his head, and even sports the flower tattoos he has inked on his neck in real life. We have to admit that Amber Rose’s tattoo of her future hubby is really well-done, but that doesn’t stop us from laughing every time we look at it.

Amber Rose’s Tattoo Addiction Continues

The new addition to Amber Rose’s tattoo collection is inked in black and white on the back of her left arm, just above her elbow, and fits in nicely with her impressive half sleeve, with includes a few marijuana leaves surrounding the rapper’s head. Hmm…it’s no wonder why Wiz looks high as a kite in Amber’s arm tat! The singer and model may have had something else in mind when she got the weed tattoos though; in an unrelated post, Amber Rose wrote on Twitter, “A marijuana leaf represents Peace,Love,Happiness & also helps cancer patients (Like my dad) U look at the negative we see the positive :-)” Amber Rose is no stranger to tattoos, and has added quite a few new pieces to her body in recent weeks, including a portrait of her two beloved dogs and a “throwback” portrait of her mother, Dorothy, on her right arm. This chick is well on her way to having a full-on family portrait tattooed on her arms.

Wiz Khalifa Portrait: True Love or Too Soon?

Amber Rose's Tattoo of Whiz Khalifa's FaceAround the same time that Amber Rose revealed her new portrait tat of Wiz Khalifa, she posted a message online that read, “One year since he proposed, 2 years since I met the love of my life and 1 week since we had our baby boy. Happy Anniversary, Wiz Khalifa. Love you baby!” One of the first things people must have thought when they read this is that Amber may have gone under the needle just a tad too soon if her and her fiancé have only known each other for two years. This wouldn’t be the first time Amber Rose jumped the gun when it comes to “true love” tattoos either. Prior to the three new tats she has had inked recently, the model’s most noticeable tattoo was a rose that she got to cover up her first boyfriend’s name – a tat she had inked as a teenager. We’re hoping the love between Amber and Wiz is real, because it would take one gigantic rose to cover up that goofy mug!

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