One Directioner Niall Horan Finally Gave In and Got a (Fake) Tattoo!

One Directioner Niall Horan Finally Gave In and Got a (Fake) Tattoo!
By | On October 12, 2013

It was only a matter of time before Niall Horan finally gave in to peer pressure and joined in on all the tattoo fun with his inked-up One Direction bandmates! The previously un-inked singer posted an Instagram picture online on October 11 and in it, you can see what appears to be a brand-spanking-new fern tattoo on Niall’s forearm. The caption of the pic reads: “Came, saw and conquered @deodevine @louteasdale, Gemma, Liam,” with the other four names apparently representing the other four arms in the picture. The only problem is…the fern tat is probably a fake 🙁 According to one report, the temporary tats were a gift from a fan named Renee, and while that girl is stoked that her gift actually made contact with Niall’s skin, we’re a little disappointed that it’s not there to stay.

One Direction is currently in New Zealand as part of their epic eight-month Take Me Home tour, and what better way for Niall and his buddies to celebrate than to get New Zealand-inspired tattoos? The matching black fern tattoos are relatively small and are inked on the inside of their wrists – Niall’s is on his right – and the symbols represent the national emblem of New Zealand, which we think is a pretty cool way to commemorate the band’s success during this leg of their tour. Rihanna also paid tribute to New Zealand during her Diamonds tour this week, getting a traditional Maori tribal tat inked on her hand and arm with…prepare yourselves…a mallet and chisel. Makes Niall’s fern tattoo sound a little wimpy, doesn’t it?

Although the rest of the One Direction boys have been busy racking up the tats, Niall has always maintained his desire to stay tattoo-free, and when his bandmates all hit up a tattoo shop in Glen Burnie, Maryland back in August, the Irish singer reportedly took a stroll around the block instead of going under the needle. Afterward, he took to Twitter to say: “By the way I didn’t get a tattoo! Not plannin [to] either.”

niall butt tattooIf Niall Horan’s tattoo is not the real deal, it wouldn’t be the first time the singer faked us out on the tattoo front. Back in August, Niall had a fake tattoo of game show host James Corden’s face inked on his butt for an appearance on “A League of Their Own.” Apparently, Niall had previously wanted to get a tat on his derriere, but “the tattoo artist said it was too squidgy.” According to Corden, “We made a thing on the show that he’s the only member of the band without a tattoo. I said to him we’ve got this little idea of putting a tattoo of my face on your body. Niall went, ‘You should put it on my arse.’ We tattooed it on his buttock – it took him three weeks to get rid of it.” We have to say Niall, we are MUCH more fond of the fern tattoo!

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