Demi Lovato’s String of Birds Tattoo on Her Arm

Demi Lovato’s String of Birds Tattoo on Her Arm
By | On November 26, 2012

Pop singer and X Factor judge Demi Lovato took to Twitter on November 26, 2012 to share a brand-new, birds-filled arm tattoo courtesy of celebrity tattoo artist and “Miami Ink” star Kat Von D. And if you thought Demi was pushing the tattoo boundaries before, just wait till you see this new almost-sleeve tat! The tattoo-loving superstar seems pretty pleased with the large inking, which features a flock of 12 birds in flight across the outside of her right arm. The birds tat is pretty prominent, considering its size and location, but there is actually something very nice and feminine about the birds’ upward flight. Never one to shy away from ink that makes a statement, Demi’s black and white birds tattoo is one of the largest and most visible tats the inked-up singer has on her body, and that’s saying a lot!

Demi’s Bird Tat Looks Like a Forearm Sleeve!

Just two months after debuting the phrase “Let Go & Let God” tattooed on the tops of her feet, Demi Lovato has gone under the needle yet again, this time for a pretty ample tattoo that she refers to as her “birdies.” The pop star’s new tattoo is inked on the outside of her right arm and ties in nicely with the “faith” tat she already had inked near her elbow. The long line of birds reaches from just under the faith tattoo, curving around her arm to end on the outside of her wrist, meeting up with the word “Strong” that Demi has inked on her right wrist. In addition to the 12 birds, Kat Von D also added a subtle swirl design to the tattoo, extending from the “h” on “faith,” and making the birds appear to be in mid-flight.

Demi Loves Her New Arm Tattoo

Demi Lovato Birds Arm TattooAfter what must have been a pretty painful tattoo session, Demi tweeted some love to the artist responsible for the tat: “Thank you so much @thekatvond for my new ink!! I think it’s beautiful and I love it!!” Later, Demi posted a few more photos of her new tattoo, tweeting, “and another picture of my new birdies.” Demi’s birds tattoo actually is pretty darn beautiful, and we’re not surprised she chose her right arm for the inspiring piece, since that’s the hand she holds her mic with. Still, she has three other tattoos in that same area already, including the cross tat on the outside of her hand, which means Demi’s right arm is beginning to look an awful lot like the makings of a sleeve tattoo. In the meantime, her left arm is just waiting for some new ink, and we don’t think it’ll be too long before it gets the tattoo treatment again as well!

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