Demi Lovato’s Fans Get Signature Heart Tattoos

Demi Lovato’s Fans Get Signature Heart Tattoos
By | On May 26, 2012

Not only has Demi Lovato joined the Jed Foundation’s “Love is Louder” movement, but the singer has started a movement of her own with her signature heart tattoo. Even though it’s just a tiny little addition to her “stay strong” tat, Demi’s heart tattoo on her wrist has inspired fans the world over to get signature heart tattoos of their own. Read on to check out some of the heart ink modeled after Demi Lovato’s wrist tattoo.

Demi Lovato is known for many things, including her incredible singing voice, her natural good looks, and her cooperation in a public campaign to help troubled teens get the help they need. Demi is also becoming well-known for her tattoos though, and the star currently has quite a few designs scattered across her body. The most famous of Demi’s many tattoos is the “stay strong” tat she has inked on her wrists, accompanied by a tiny heart that was designed after the heart the singer uses to dot her i’s. Clearly Demi’s signature heart tattoo has a deeper meaning though, because you can find that very same tat inked on Demi Lovato fans across the country.

Demi Lovato’s Heart Tattoo Means What?

What many people don’t know about Demi Lovato’s heart tattoo is that the tat was actually inspired by Demi’s fans who showed their support for the struggling singer by drawing hearts on their wrists every day during the three months she was checked into rehab. When she finished treatment in 2011, Demi got the heart inked on her wrist as a symbol of her appreciation for their unwavering support. And now her fans are saying “right back atcha!” with their own signature heart tattoos inspired by Demi.Demi Lovato Fan Heart Tattoo

Fans’ Signature Heart Wrist and Arm Tattoos

Fans of Demi Lovato have taken drawing her signature heart on their wrists and arms one step further, by getting replicas of her heart tat inked on their bodies. Some fans have struggled with problems similar to the ones Demi checked into rehab for – which is evident by the traces of scars on their wrists – and have gotten heart tattoos inked on their wrists and arms as a reminder to themselves and the world that “love is louder than the pressure to be perfect.” Demi Lovato Fan Heart TattooWhile some fans have opted for a tiny heart alone, others have inked “stay strong” with a heart on their wrists, and still others have inked “love is louder” accompanied by a small heart. You have to admit, it’s pretty impressive that a 19-year-old girl can make such an impact on the world with her tattoos.

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