Demi Lovato’s Peace Finger Tattoo

Demi Lovato’s Peace Finger Tattoo
By | On March 16, 2012

2011 was a big year for Demi Lovato! It resulted in six tattoos, one of which reads “peace” in script and is inked on the inside of her finger. Demi Lovato’s peace tattoo is small and discreet, but it carries a big punch. Read on to learn all about the meaning behind Demi’s finger tattoo.

Late in 2011, pictures of Demi Lovato’s peace tattoo cropped up, along with pictures of the “rock n’ roll” tat the songstress has inked on the inside of her right-hand middle finger. Demi’s peace tattoo is inked in a simple black script, on the inside of the middle finger on her left hand, right beside her knuckle. Even though the singer’s finger tattoo isn’t her most recent, it is one of the most discreet tattoos she has. “My dad doesn’t know about them,” Demi said about her peace and rock n’ roll tats, in a segment of her moving MTV documentary Stay Strong. “but he’ll find out now.” Finger tattoos have become increasingly popular among celebrities like Rihanna and Miley Cyrus, and it seems Demi has jumped on the finger tattoo bandwagon. You have to give the pop star credit for the meaning of her peace tat though; we’re sure peace is something that she would like to achieve.

Demi Lovato’s Tattoo Meaning

Demi Lovato Peace TattooIt’s no wonder that Demi hopes for peace in her somewhat tumultuous life. Back in November 2010, when the singer checked into rehab for “emotional and physical issues,” someone close to the teen star said that she “doesn’t have that same kind of love for life that she at one point had.” According to Demi, the catalyst for her decision to seek treatment was a very public meltdown during a South American tour with the Jonas Brothers. On a private plane traveling from Colombia to Peru, Demi reportedly punched back-up dancer Alex Welch. “I was totally shameful and confused and upset,” says Demi, who won’t say what prompted the fight. “I was so embarrassed. I didn’t just have to pay the consequences in front of the people around me, but in front of the entire world.” Demi continues, “Before that happened my mom didn’t know exactly how serious it all was. She said, ‘Why did you do this?’ I said, ‘Because I’m exhausted.’” Unfortunately, it seems that Demi’s peace tattoo is fading as it rubs against her other fingers. Hopefully this isn’t indicative of what’s to come in Demi’s life!

Demi Lovato’s Hand Tattoos

Demi Lovato Peace SignAlthough Demi’s finger tattoo is cute, the idea is hardly original. Probably one of the first celebrities to opt for a finger tattoo was Rihanna, who has both “Love” and “Shhh…” inked on the sides of her fingers. Rihanna’s finger tattoos were inked back in 2008, two years before Miley Cyrus began inking her fingers with all kinds of tattoos, and three years before Demi Lovato’s peace tat showed up. We wouldn’t be surprised if Demi was inspired by Rihanna’s tattoos though, since the 19-year-old has named the notorious bad-girl as one of her biggest role models. “I haven’t meant Rihanna, but we’ve talked over the phone and I want to meet her so badly,” Demi Lovato said. “I love her attitude; she’s sexy and confident. She’s gone through quite a lot and has come out strong. I would like to be the caliber of Rihanna and hopefully one day I’ll get there.” We think she’s well on her way.


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  1. gravatar Leslie Sanchez Reply
    September 27th, 2012

    Demi I dont know where to start itzz so amazing how you are and honestly youh dont know how you inspire me so much and i just love youh and im just speech less<3

  2. gravatar Angeline Reply
    February 26th, 2013

    Demi I honestly think that you’re one of
    Gods most beautiful angels! You have a
    heart as big as the moon! I just love you,
    You inspired me a lot. Never change<3

  3. gravatar tara Reply
    February 27th, 2014

    Omg!!! Demi lovato is the most kindest and sweetest person ever. I love her so much. I send her videos of ke singing her songs. Lol :))

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