Demi Lovato Discusses Newest Tattoo and Plans on Getting More!

Demi Lovato Discusses Newest Tattoo and Plans on Getting More!
By | On October 22, 2012

Demi Lovato may have taken a short break from getting inked this year, but she has just revealed that she plans on getting more tattoos in the future! During a recent interview detailing her self-professed tattoo obsession, The X Factor judge and tatted-up pop star discussed her most recent tattoo on her foot – which she thinks most people don’t know about – and hinted that she is always on the look-out for new tattoo inspiration. Demi Lovato is only 20, but she has been through quite a bit in her life already, which you can tell just by looking at her tattoos. The pop star has a lot of life to live yet, and we have a feeling she’ll honor the most important occasions with some brand new ink in the future. We gave you the inside scoop on Demi’s foot tattoo that reads “Let Go & Let God,” and we will keep you updated on any new tats the pop star gets in the future, so check back with us soon for more info about Demi Lovato’s tattoos!

Demi “Took a Break” From Tattoos…Until Now!

Demi Lovato is the proud owner of nine tattoos (well, mostly proud – she recently admitted to regretting some of her ink), and the pop star shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon, even if she does think that she may have taken it a little too far this past year. “I took a break for a while because I kind of overdid it and got like eight in one year,” Demi said in her interview, referring to the tats she has added to her body since 2011. “I was like, ‘Woah, my parents are going to kill me.’” It’s true that Demi has added quite a few tats to her collection in the past year, including the lips inked on her arm, the tiny “peace” and “rock ‘n roll” tats on her fingers, her “faith” arm tattoo, and her newest: “Let Go & Let God” on the tops of her feet. But, as Demi said, she took a break “for a while,” and her new foot tattoo seems to mark the end of that break.

Demi Admits She’s Looking for a New Tattoo Idea

Demi Lovato admitted in September that she regrets ever getting some of her ink (namely her rock ‘n roll finger tat), and she claims in this most recent interview to have gone a little overboard on frequency when getting her most recent tattoos. However, those things don’t seem to have fazed the 20-year-old one bit. In fact, Demi says in the interview that she is constantly keeping an eye out for some new tattoo inspiration. She also elaborated on the tattoos she likes best. “I don’t like to get them in places where it’s obvious and distracts from an elegant outfit, but I like little ones that are fun and mean a lot to me.” Plus, “I’m always looking for a new idea for tattoos,” said Demi, who also recently revealed that she is beginning the process of putting together a new album. Demi Lovato tweeted on October 22, “Who’s ready for my 4th album?” accompanied by some new lyrics, so we’re wondering if a new album could be just the inspiration she is looking for!

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