Demi Lovato Says She Is Regretting Her Tattoos :(

Demi Lovato Says She Is Regretting Her Tattoos :(
By | On September 12, 2012

If what we’ve been hearing is true, Demi Lovato may be regretting some of her tattoos! In fact, she may even end up undergoing laser removal to have a few of her tattoos erased altogether. Laser tattoo removal is a big deal (if what we’ve all heard from Megan Fox is true), and Demi has quite a few tattoos inked on various parts of her body, including her wrists, ribcage, hand, arm and even behind her ear. So the question is, which of Demi Lovato’s tattoos is she planning on removing and which will she deem important enough to keep?

Demi Lovato let it all hang out during a recent interview on the “Live! With Kelly and Michael” show, admitting that she isn’t the biggest fan of her tattoos, of which she has many. According to Demi, some of her tattoos were the spur-of-the-moment decisions of a naive teenager and, although she likes them now, she may consider laser tattoo removal sometime in the future. “I’ve thought about [laser removal] before because, you know, when I get older I don’t know if I want to have ‘rock n’ roll‘ on my middle finger,” Demi confided in Kelly and Michael. “I’m young and I can rock it now and when I get older I can worry about it later.”

Demi Lovato’s Tattoos on the Chopping Block

Demi Lovato has quite a few tattoos, and most of the ink has a special meaning to the young singer, particularly her infamous “Stay Strong” tats inked on her wrists. However, many of Demi’s tattoos, like the turquoise feather behind her ear she had inked in the back of a Warped Tour tour bus, aren’t really meaningful at all. So besides the small “rock n’ roll” tattoo that Demi Lovato has inked on the middle finger of her right hand, what other tattoos might Demi be considering removing? According to the singer herself, she isn’t exactly a huge fan of the lips tat she has on her left wrist either. Demi’s wrist tattoo features the lips of her friend Ivey, but the singer said, “It was just a spur of the moment, stupid decision.” Adios, lips tattoo!

Demi’s Infamous “Stay Strong” Tat

Demi Lovato Stay Strong TattooIn late 2010, Demi Lovato checked into rehab to seek treatment for self-harming and an eating disorder, and was reportedly relieved to be diagnosed with bipolar disorder. In her interview with Kelly and Michael, Demi revealed her feelings on the diagnosis: “I was like, ‘Oh my gosh, that means I’m not really crazy, there’s a reason.’” Demi’s stint in rehab wasn’t easy, but she definitely emerged a stronger and more confident person. After spending nearly three months in rehab, Demi decided to get what would be one of her most important tattoos – “Stay Strong” – with one word inked on each of her wrists. Demi’s fans constantly told her to stay strong during treatment, and the wrist tattoo was the singer’s way of paying tribute to that solidarity and support.

Which Tats Will Demi Decide to Keep?

So, we can say with confidence that Demi Lovato’s stay strong tattoo probably isn’t on the chopping block, and her cross hand tat, “faith” arm tattoo and “you make me beautiful” tattoo on her side seem equally as important. That leaves the turquoise feather behind her ear, the pouty red lips on her wrist, and her “peace” and “rock n’ roll” finger tattoos. We’ve all heard how difficult and painful tattoo removal can be from Megan Fox – whose Marilyn Monroe tattoo is all but gone now – so do you think Demi will go through with it? Which tattoos do you think she is most likely to have removed? Most importantly, will her obvious tattoo regret prevent her from getting more tats in the future? We sure hope not!

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