Drake Reps Houston With New “H” Star Tattoo on His Shoulder

Drake Reps Houston With New “H” Star Tattoo on His Shoulder
By | On November 20, 2013

Drake is all about showing some tattoo love for his favorite places in the world, and the rapper has just revealed a new Houston-inspired tat on his shoulder after dropping $17,000 at local strip club V Live with none other than Rihanna. Drake may or may not be dating former flame Rihanna, depending on who you ask, but the power duo decided to celebrate together after RiRi’s Diamonds World Tour performance by enjoying some drinks and strippers, V Live-style. Apparently Drake thought the evening was worth commemorating with a tattoo, and we’re not surprised, considering media sources are reporting that the rapper may have had a threesome with Rihanna and V Live stripper Jhonni Blaze. Oh boy…

Following his epic evening at V Live, Drake took to Instagram on November 19, 2013 to show off his new Houston-inspired tattoo, captioning the photo “November 18th H Town.” Drake’s tattoo is inked on his right shoulder and features a small black shaded star with a white block letter “H” in the center – sort of a retro Houston Astros logo. Although the shoulder tattoo seems like it was inspired by his night at the strip club, Drake’s So Far Gone album features a track called “November 18th,” which pays homage to Houston and the late DJ Screw’s famous “June 27” track. Drake also performed at Houston’s Warehouse four years ago on November 18, 2009, before he became a household name. We have a feeling all of these things probably played a role in Drake’s new tattoo.

drake and rihannaDrake’s “H” star tattoo on his shoulder certainly isn’t his first piece of ink; the rapper has a variety of tattoos scattered across his body, including several tributes to his hometown of Toronto. Judging by rumors surrounding the night he spent in Houston prior to getting the ink though, this may be his most memorable tattoo. Whether or not Drake actually had a threesome with a Houston stripper and Rihanna, the jury is still out, but getting a tattoo dedicated to the city is certainly one way to make sure he never forgets that night. For her part, stripper Johnni Blaze denies rumors of the alleged threesome, tweeting to her followers: “Y’all know I’m very honest far from a groupie but rihanna n drake didn’t take me home they just showed love at vlive.” She sounds believable, don’t you think?

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