Harry Styles Adds a New Mermaid Tattoo to His Arm, and It’s Kind of Racy!

Harry Styles Adds a New Mermaid Tattoo to His Arm, and It’s Kind of Racy!
By | On November 15, 2014

**Updated: Harry Styles finally gave us a good close-up view of his mermaid tattoo during a November 17th appearance on the Today Show, and the ink does, in fact, feature a nude mermaid with long flowing locks. During a recent interview with Hollywood Life, Harry also explained the inspiration behind his arm tattoo, saying, “I am a mermaid.” Who would have thought!

Harry Styles apparently fancies himself a bit of a trendsetter, so when he chose to make the design for his next tattoo a pretty little mermaid, he decided to up the ante and make her a somewhat racy mermaid whose fish tail stops at her thighs, rather than reaching all the way to her stomach. One Direction fans spotted Harry Styles’ tattoo of the mermaid in photos of the hunky singer out and about in London on November 13, and the Twitter-sphere has experienced a bit of a meltdown in the time since, with plenty of people wondering why Harry chose to pass over the PG-rated Ariel-type mermaid, in favor of a design that is much more naked woman than mystical sea creature.

Harry Styles’ mermaid tattoo is inked on the outside of his left forearm, between the rose tat near his elbow and the anchor tattoo on his wrist, and features a black and white image of a mer-woman with a bare stomach, lower lady parts in full view, and what appear to be the bottom parts of two wings, or just long hair cascading down her back. Word on the street is Harry’s mermaid tat was inked by renowned tattoo artist Liam Sparkes at his Shangri La shop in the United Kingdom, along with another new tattoo on Harry’s arm that reads “[something] booze” in the crude black handwriting-type font favored by Mr. Sparkes.

harry styles mermaid tat

It’s been quite a while since Harry Styles has debuted a new tattoo – he showed off a large pair of ferns inked on his hips back in May – and this interesting new addition to his collection certainly has tongues wagging. Although Harry has yet to show off his racy mermaid tattoo in all its glory, Liam Sparkes inked a very similar topless mermaid tat on someone’s stomach recently, so we’ll just assume for now that Harry Styles’ tattoo looks something like that, although slightly more risqué, considering the fact that the mermaid’s crotch and lady bits are on full display in Harry’s arm tattoo. What do you all think about Harry Styles’ new mermaid tattoo…super rad or far too racy??

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  1. gravatar Adena Reply
    January 26th, 2015

    It is pretty racy, but it is his body. I truly think that he will eventually get it covered up, but that is only my opinion. I am a big, big fan of one direction so just know i mean no harm by this comment. The tattoo is lovely on him but lets face it ,who wont’s to see a nude mermaid on someone you like, or in my case adore. He could have gone i=with just a normal mermaid, and had her fully clothed but “It is what it is” 🙂

    • gravatar Alex Reply
      August 8th, 2016

      His mermaid tattoo is a normal mermaid, that is what they look like in old books and I like his perfect piece of artwork, I have grown up around tattoos because my father is a tattoo artist. I like that he chose this mermaid instead of a different one.

      • gravatar Izzy Reply
        August 25th, 2017

        In my opinion it’s a normal mermaid and we shouldn’t judge the tattoo choice of somebody else. Besides I think that this mermaid tattoo is pretty cool.

  2. gravatar Kate Reply
    February 24th, 2015

    Does Harry Style’s look at this? If he does I want to tell him I love you. Harry Style’s stop getting tattoos please….!!! I love you but I would love you even more if you didn’t get tattoos anymore and get all of them removed and that goes for the rest of One Direction. Harry you tell Louis, Liam, and Zayn to stop getting tattoos and get them all removed. And tell Niall to never get tattoos!!!!! I don’t think he wants them anyways. Because it’s very painful and costly and permanent.

    Love, Kate

    P.S. I can’t wait to see you in September at Gillette stadium in Foxboro, MA! Can I get my pictures with you all and then as a group? I want it as a group and then individually with you. So I’ll get it with Harry and I, Louis and I, Liam and I, Niall and I, and Zayn and I. And then I’ll get it with Harry, Niall, Louis, Zayn, and Liam.

    • gravatar Alex Reply
      August 8th, 2016

      Do you know anything about tattoos? I am studying to be a tattoo artist and my father has been one since I was in Kindergarten, he is a pretty damn good one too. I know quite a bit already and I do know it would be hella hard to cover up his mermaid the lines are too thick and dark. The only way he could fix the “racy” parts are to have the artist put a bra on her and fix scales up to her waist. I don’t think he would ruin an awesome piece of work just because it is too “racy”.

    • gravatar Samantha Reply
      August 22nd, 2016

      Shut up Kate

  3. gravatar lethabo Reply
    May 9th, 2015

    hey I’m lethabz and I think Harry’s tattoo is wonderful but of course I wouldn’t admire it but if that’s what he desires then let him have
    I’m a huge fan just seen them in concert in South Africa Johannesburg but the tattoo wasn’t visible he wore a long sleeved shirt

  4. gravatar donna Reply
    September 13th, 2015

    Harry.. its your body. .do as you please. Your beautiful

    • gravatar Poppy Reply
      January 30th, 2017


  5. gravatar Lele Reply
    June 12th, 2016

    harry omg r u dumm?? u r gunna gett olds 1 day then geuss what ur gunna be wrinklie and old and u gunna hav a nake ed mermad on ur arms if u dont re moves u wil look uglee harry pls i am ask in u beecuase i luv u and i dont want u 2 be old pls

    • gravatar Poppy Reply
      January 30th, 2017

      What the actual fuck

    • gravatar Older and (hopefully) wiser Reply
      August 5th, 2017

      I realize this comment is a year late… but in general, forearms don’t usually get too wrinkly with age, so the tat is safe in that aspect. And that is one badass tattoo- I love that she doesn’t have perky boobs- that’s real life… and I really respect that… after one kid, boobs look like that, no matter who you are. And also, sad fact, hun… he will be old someday. We all will. But he’ll be old with badass arm tats ?

  6. gravatar 1DGIRL Reply
    June 12th, 2016

    ew my mum told me boobies are gross

    • gravatar HolyJesus Reply
      June 12th, 2016

      Dude, are you fucking two years old? Boobs are great.

  7. gravatar Steisi Reply
    September 24th, 2017

    I am honestly starting to realize the sexism here. Not that he is sexist don’t get me wrong. But you never see a girl getting a tattoo of a guy who’s completely naked with his penis out. I really think that this is degrading towards women but he can do what he wants to do it honestly doesn’t make me love him less than I do.

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