Harry Styles’ Oddly Large Butterfly Chest Tattoo

Harry Styles’ Oddly Large Butterfly Chest Tattoo
By | On March 19, 2013

Following in the footsteps of Rihanna and Chris Brown, Harry Styles of the tattoo-loving band One Direction recently revealed a gigantic tattoo of a butterfly that he apparently had inked on his chest back in January. Not only is Harry Styles’ butterfly tattoo in a location similar to Rihanna’s goddess Isis tat and Breezy’s fighter jet tattoo, but the tats also all have wings. Hmm…interesting. Anyway, Harry Styles posted a pic of the huge butterfly tattoo on Instagram just a few days ago, although the close up shot had some claiming that the tatted-up torso could be anyone’s. Au contraire – a picture of the fresh butterfly ink was first uploaded to tattoo artist Lyam Sparkes’ Flickr page around January 22, and was taken down shortly afterward, but not before true One Direction fans identified Harry Styles’ unmistakable bod.

Styles’ Chest Tattoo Similar to RiRi’s and Breezy’s

Harry Styles’ butterfly tattoo is inked smack dab in the center of his chest, and the first question that came to mind when we saw the large tat (besides, “why is he so dirty?”) was “what does it mean?” The butterfly tattoo is inked in black and white and, much like Rihanna’s Isis tattoo and Chris Brown’s fighter jet tat, the wings are outstretched across his upper abdomen. Although the meaning of Styles’ chest tattoo remains a bit of a mystery for now, it is notable that the ink is similar to a butterfly tattoo that Steve McQueen sports in the film Papillon. which means “butterfly” in French. When it comes to fans of Harry Styles and One Direction, they seem to have mixed reactions to the singer’s chest tattoo. One person commented on Instagram, “What the f— were you thinking,” while another wrote, “It’s orgasmic ;)”

Harry Styles Gets Personal With His Tattoos

Rihanna and Chris Brown Chest TattoosIt’s no secret that Harry Styles loves tattoos. In fact, his total tattoo count hovers somewhere near 30, and includes a ship on his left bicep, two sparrows on his chest and a solid black heart on his arm. According to tattoo artist Kevin Paul, who has done work for Styles and his One Direction pals in the past, the 19-year-old likes to make his tattoos personal. “Everyone’s different, like Zayn [Malik’s] got microphones and music stuff and, like, Harry has more personal things, like he has little things for his mom and all that kind of stuff.” Hence, the infamous (and gigantic) ship tattoo Styles got inked during his short fling with Taylor Swift. Obviously, Harry Styles isn’t afraid to go big and get personal when it comes to tattoos. So what do you think his butterfly chest tattoo means?

3 Responses to: Harry Styles’ Oddly Large Butterfly Chest Tattoo

  1. gravatar Savanna Reply
    January 19th, 2014

    He isn’t dirty. When you get tattooed, the artist has to wipe away excess ink. That isn’t dirt around his tattoo; it is the wiped away ink. The photo must have been taken immediately after he got it done. Rant over.
    P.S. I love Harry’s tattoo!!!!!!

  2. gravatar Jasmine Reply
    July 26th, 2014

    Well, Harry’s birds and butterfly tattoo is a symbol of Wings- by Little Mix.

    The bird tattoos- spread your little wings.

    The butterfly tattoo- my little butterfly.


  3. gravatar Josefine Slot Reply
    October 16th, 2016

    The Tattoo might stand for an old French prison tattoo inspired by ‘Papillon.’ Traditionally it would mean the wearer is a thief – something to do with the double meaning of ‘Je vole’, which translates as both ‘I steal’ and ‘I fly’

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