Harry Styles’ Favorite Tattoo Artist Talks About His Next Tat

Harry Styles’ Favorite Tattoo Artist Talks About His Next Tat
By | On May 29, 2013

We’ve got the scoop on Harry Styles’ next tattoo!  The Daily Star, a UK-based news outlet, spoke with Harry’s favorite tattoo artist in Los Angeles, who was glad to talk about upcoming tattoos for the One Direction star.  Freddy Negrete, who put the first tat on Harry, explained that their next project would be HUGE, and most likely on his back.  Apparently, Harry is feeling a little lop-sided with tattoos on his chest, arm, wrist, and side, but none on his back.  Freddy explained: “He just can’t seem to stop tattooing at the moment, but he’s getting worried they’re all too front-heavy so it’s definitely his back we’ll be concentrating on.”

The upcoming tattoo is rumored to be no small feat, but a large and complicated piece.  Negrete said that the tat “could take months” to accomplish, adding that it “will probably have more Hebrew lettering. He already has his sister’s name in Hebrew on his arm and he loves it.”  Harry got the hebrew tattoo back in September ’12 at the Shamrock Social Club tattoo parlor in LA.  It seems he will follow the likes of fellow pop star Justin Bieber in getting inked up w/ some hebrew lettering tats.

Harry sure has been on the tattoo fast-track since his first inking back in early 2012, amassing an impressive collection of over 40 tattoos in the short time.  Among them, a five-point star on his arm, sparrows on his chest, a butterfly on his chest, and numerous other smaller tattoos.

Is this just the beginning of a totally inked-up Harry Styles?  Signs point to “Yes.”


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