Jessie J Gets “XO” Tattoo and Meaningful Circle of Love Ink During Trip to NYC

Jessie J Gets “XO” Tattoo and Meaningful Circle of Love Ink During Trip to NYC
By | On December 9, 2015

Just before getting a huge tattoo of the letters “XO” inked on the backs of her legs, courtesy of celebrity tattoo artist Bang Bang, British pop star Jessie J first got a matching circle of love tattoo with her mom and dad. During a trip to New York City with her parents late last month, all three of them decided to drop into Bang Bang’s tattoo studio and get matching ink, which was apparently a bucket list item Jessie J’s mom and dad were hoping to cross off. The matching circle of love tattoos were all inked on the outside of their left arms, near the wrist.

Jessie J posted a photo of her new circle of love ink on Instagram last week, writing, “Mum and Dad and I all got the same tattoo | Circle of love/trust. Making memories and ticking things off their bucket list. Shout out to @bangbangnyc for making it happen on this special trip!” Jessie J proceeded to share numerous videos and photos of the circle of trust tattoo session, including two videos of her parents getting inked. Jessie J captioned the video of her dad getting his circle of love tattoo: “Proud of you Dad. Bucket list – get a tattoo. Thank you @bangbangnyc.”

jessie j circle of love tattoo

Less than a week after getting her circle of love/trust tattoo with her parents, Jessie J hit up Bang Bang again, this time to get a pretty impressive tattoo of the letters “XO” on the backs of her legs, just above her ankles. Bang Bang is a true pro when it comes to inking unique tattoos, and the ink he did for Jessie J is made to look like it was painted on with black paint, complete with imitated brush strokes and tiny paint splatters. Jessie J hasn’t shared the meaning behind her “XO” tattoo yet, but it is pulling double duty, covering up a tattoo of a tiny stick man she had inked on the back of her left leg, where the “X” is now.

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