Justin Bieber’s Japanese “Music” Kanji Tattoo

Justin Bieber’s Japanese “Music” Kanji Tattoo
By | On July 5, 2012

Justin Bieber may ask himself WWJD (What Would Jesus Do) from time to time, but he should really be wondering WWSS – what will Selena say? Exactly two weeks after getting his Believe tattoo Justin Bieber got a new tattoo on his arm with a similar theme. Justin Bieber’s new tattoo is a Japanese Kanji symbol that means “music,” which is clearly something important to Bieber. But what will one of the most important people in JB’s life, girlfriend Selena Gomez, think of all the new ink the Biebs has gotten so far in 2012? Even though Selena has a couple small tats of her own, Justin Bieber’s tattoo collection has tripled just since the beginning of this year, and the 18-year-old seems to have caught the tattoo bug. Pictures of the new Justin Bieber tattoo cropped up on July 4, and even though the Bieb’s hasn’t divulged much about the arm ink yet, we’re sure he’ll be bombarded with questions about the tat in no time.

Justin Biebers New Tattoo Meaning

Justin Bieber's Japanese Music Tattoo

Justin Bieber’s new tattoo is inked in black and white and is located on his right arm, just below the inside of his elbow. It seems like Bieber has moved away from his religion-inspired tattoos, even if it’s only temporarily, and embraced instead his love of music, which is the meaning of this Japanese symbol.  It was just on June 20, 2012 that Bieber debuted his other arm tat, the word “believe” inked in black block letters on his left arm, and at this rate, Bieber could be well on his way to inking up his body Chris Brown-style. Chris Browns tattoos cover most of his body, and Justin Bieber now has six tats on his legs, arms, hip and side, including the Believe tat on his left arm. “Believe” is the name of Justin Bieber’s newest album, and the Justin Bieber Believe tattoo has garnered plenty of attention in the past two weeks, especially from people who think the singer should slow down with the tattoos. It’s obvious that the Biebs loves music though, and it’s also obvious that he’s a fan of body art, so why not merge them into a music tattoo? That must have been what Bieber was thinking when he got his new Japanese arm tattoo.

Justin Bieber Tattoos in 2012 So Far

Justin Bieber Arm Tattoos

Justin Bieber’s New Year’s resolution must have been to add to his body art, because he has gotten four tattoos so far in 2012 alone. While Bieber’s Jesus and praying hands tats on his left leg clearly represent his Christian faith, the new Justin Bieber tattoos on his arms give fans a new look at a major inspiration in Bieber’s life – music. Other Justin Bieber tattoos he has gotten in recent years include a small bird tattoo inked on his left hip, which he got on his sixteenth birthday, and the Hebrew tattoo that says “Jesus” on his left side, which matches a tat his dad got at the same time. Although it’s hard to believe that the young, sweet Selena Gomez approves of her beau’s rapidly-growing tattoo collection, rumor has it that Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber are planning to get matching tats as a tribute to the love they have for one another. Although they haven’t yet gotten the matching tattoos, it certainly isn’t because Justin Bieber is afraid of the needle!

16 Responses to: Justin Bieber’s Japanese “Music” Kanji Tattoo

  1. gravatar Joe Reply
    July 14th, 2012

    Justin do you realize that as you get older that your tattoos will chance shape and that they will look bad and they are also now on your young body for the rest of your life are you realy shure you want to do that to your body it is not good for someone your age to have this many tattoos one or two maybe but not 6

    • gravatar JelenaLover Reply
      July 27th, 2012

      Its his body he can do want he wants and he is 18 wants so wrong with it!

    • gravatar Joesadick Reply
      August 4th, 2012

      No, I am sure he has’nt heard the ol’ “when you get older” tattoo talk. I’ve heard it and I don’t even have any. STFU.

    • gravatar Bailey Reply
      August 7th, 2012

      Justin is now 18 years old and that means he can do what he wants with his body. Are you gonna give me a lecture about getting a belly button ring when I turn 18 years old? Probably not because I am not famous, but those tattoo’s mean something to him. I mean, if there’s something in his life or something that happened in his life that’s so meaningful to him, then he can put it on his body, it’s his choice, no one else’s! So, just leave the guy a lone, geez, they’re just tattoo’s! -_-

    • gravatar Pink Reply
      December 19th, 2012

      LEARN TO SPELL!!! I have 12 tattoos and I’m only 25… one on each forearm, 3 on my chest. etc…. its his body his choice!!

  2. gravatar kiki williams Reply
    July 24th, 2012

    I really don’t have a problem with his tattos I think their cool

    • gravatar anthony eye Reply
      July 24th, 2012

      i’m sorry number #1 i absolutely despise justin bieber but who are you to tell anyone what to do to THEIR OWN BODY? #2 i’m a tattoo artist and honestly you don’t even know what your talking about, and finally #3 before you start putting other people down or telling them how to live their lives do us all a favor and either #LEARN to spell and use proper english or invest in a dictionary…thanx in advance…

      • gravatar anthony eye Reply
        July 24th, 2012

        btw that comment was directed at JOE and i’ll bet anything the moderator doesn’t post it because it’s my actual opinion which i’m entitled to but we’ll see lol

      • gravatar Jamal Reply
        August 16th, 2012

        Hahahaha, “use proper English… thanx”

        That’s hilariously ironic. Adorable.

  3. gravatar JelenaLover Reply
    July 27th, 2012

    I love his Tattoos just has much as i love him ;]

  4. gravatar Justin Bieber Tattoos Reply
    July 31st, 2012

    the only thing we don’t post is spam 🙂

  5. gravatar commentss Reply
    August 1st, 2012

    He shouldn’t have chosen that character 曲 to represent music. Other than denoting music, it also means crooked or bent, wrong or false in chinese. (wikitionary)

    It would have been better if he had gone with the more conventional 音 that lots of people have, or even better (imo) the character 乐 which means both music, and happiness depending on how its pronounced.

    btw japanese kanji literally means “chinese word”

  6. gravatar nikkeashacoomber Reply
    August 5th, 2012

    wtf justin is 18 he doesnt need people telling him what he can and cant do like ur not even his mum

  7. gravatar mina Reply
    September 9th, 2012

    justin is 18

  8. gravatar lethicia Reply
    September 19th, 2012

    i love yoU
    JB ♥
    : )

  9. gravatar Rex Reply
    December 20th, 2012

    That symbol doesnt mean music… it literally means Ear. like the body part not hear or sound or listen… it literally means EAR.

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