Justin Bieber Talks Tattoos & Having Fun in Ellen Interview

Justin Bieber Talks Tattoos & Having Fun in Ellen Interview
By | On February 10, 2013

Justin Bieber stopped by the Ellen show recently, and caught the hilarious TV host up on some of the new tattoos the pop star has gotten inked over the past few months. The Biebs also discussed his new acoustic album, which the singer calls “intimate,” his feelings about his much-talked-about Grammys snub, and what he likes to do when he actually has some time off, which we have a feeling doesn’t happen all that often. We all know that Justin Bieber loves tattoos – judging by the shirtless Twitter and Instagram pics he treats us to every time he hits the tattoo parlor – but you don’t often get to hear the Biebs discuss his many tats in public. Read on to learn what Bieber’s owl tattoo means and where he got it inked!

Leave it to Ellen DeGeneres to get Justin Bieber to divulge the meaning behind his many tattoos. According to the pop star, the owl tattoo on his arm stands for wisdom, and he got the ink while on his Believe tour at one of the oldest tattoo shops in the country. As Justin Bieber says about the owl ink, “I like classic, classic tattoos…I just really like the detail [on the owl tattoo] and the artist was really good.” Ellen seemed a little skeptical about the 18-year-old singer dropping by tattoo shops for some new ink while on tour. Have no fear though, Beliebers, as the pop star says, “I do my research before and I find out” the best place to go to get a tattoo. The Biebs also talked with Ellen about his leg tattoos, his crown chest tat and the Japanese symbol for music he got inked on his arm back in July 2012, which Ellen says “looks like a toaster with two pieces of bread coming out.”

Why You Won’t See Bieber at the Movie Theater

Once Ellen got the inside scoop about Justin Bieber’s tattoos, she asked another question that Beliebers the world over are probably dying to know: what the great JB does – besides getting new tattoos – when he has some down time. As the young singer says, “I like to do fun stuff, you know, like go to the movies, hang out with friends.” Wondering how the infamous singer goes to the movies without being swarmed by adoring fans and paparazzi hounds? According to Ellen, “Hoodies don’t help you, people take pictures of you in hoodies, they know it’s you. Your pants are falling down, there’s a hoodie on your head. That’s Justin.” Instead of sporting a hoodie, the Biebs just sneaks in and out the back door while the theater is still dark. Ah, the life of a celebrity!

Justin Bieber is Racking Up the Tattoos

Bieber’s newest ink when he graced the Ellen show for this interview was the owl tattoo on his arm. Well, Ellen better get the pop star back in that chair sometime soon, because Justin Bieber has gotten THREE new tattoos since that Ellen episode aired – the roses addition to his praying hands leg tattoo, the Indian head logo on the back of his shoulder and the Roman numeral ink on the front of his shoulder. By the time the television host scores another interview with the Biebs, he may well be covered in ink. And if Ellen is anything like David Letterman, Justin Bieber may be in for yet another tattoo lecture. We have a feeling he doesn’t take it too seriously though, and there are sure to be more Justin Bieber tattoos in the future!

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