5 Super Cute “Born This Way” Skull Tattoos on Lady Gaga Fans

5 Super Cute “Born This Way” Skull Tattoos on Lady Gaga Fans
By | On September 25, 2012

If you thought your skull tattoo inspired by Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way” video was original, you might not want to read on. After checking out five Gaga-inspired skull and skeleton tats that fans got inked on their bodies, we’re here to say that, while the initial idea to get the skull inked as a tattoo was unique, it surely is no longer. Read on though to learn more about the skull makeup and crazy pink wig Lady Gaga sports in her music video, and what convinced these die-hard fans to hit the tattoo parlor and get a bow-tie-and-wig-wearing female skull inked on their bodies.

If you’ve seen Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way” video – and we know all of you have by now – you’ll recognize the skull tattoos the Lady Gaga fans in these pics got inked on their bodies. During key parts of her music video, Lady Gaga dons a tux with big shoulder pads, a bow tie, a long pink wig, and some pretty impressive makeup that makes her face look like a skull. Dancing all up on a male skeleton, Gaga busts some pretty awesome moves in the video – her ability to boogie clearly not hindered at all by the tight outfit or the super long locks. Even with a heavily darkened nose, cheeks and eyes, painted on teeth, and creepy shadowing that makes her face look abnormally angular and hollow, we still think you’d be hard-pressed to find a better looking skeleton!

Gaga Skull Tattoos With Bubble Gum

Lady Gaga Fan Skull TattooLady Gaga’s “Born This Way” song plays to the idea that everyone is equal, regardless of color, creed or sexual orientation, and the singer encourages every person to fulfill his or her own dream in life. The track was well-received by Lady Gaga fans, which is obvious from the amount of body art alone that the song inspired! Check out these five skull tattoos that Lady Gaga fans got inked on their bodies in celebration of the meaning of “Born This Way,” and as a tribute to the pop star herself. The first skull tat features a creepy skeleton with a black bow tie and a side pony, blowing a bubble with gum. This particular skull image with the bubble gum appears at the very end of the “Born This Way” video, and the tat is inked in black and white, except for the bubble gum – which is pink.

“Born This Way” a Hit Among Little Monsters

The first instance of Lady Gaga sporting her skull makeup, pink hair and tux comes a little more than halfway through the incredibly long music video, when Gaga sings, “Give yourself prudence and love your friends/Subway kid, rejoice of truth/In the religion of the insecure/I must be myself, respect my youth.” And a little later when she sings, “No matter black, white or beige/Chola or orient made/I’m on the right track, baby/I was born to be brave.” And again a little later when she sings, “Don’t hide yourself in regret/Just love yourself and you’re set/I’m on the right track, baby/I was born this way, yeah.” Lady Gaga Fan Skull TattooLady Gaga’s “Born This Way” album was her second studio album, and the title track became wildly popular among Gaga fans, especially those struggling with their own image or self-esteem issues.

Gaga Skull Tats and Cartoon Skeleton

The next Gaga-inspired skull tattoo is inked in a pretty prominent spot on the back of this person’s hand, complete with a blue wig and bow tie, but without the bubble gum. Next is a more cartoonish Lady Gaga skull tattoo, featuring what looks like a Tim Burton-inspired skeleton, complete with Gaga’s tuxedo and long side ponytail, although the hair is inked in blue instead of pink. This particular skull tattoo looks like it belongs on the set of “The Nightmare Before Christmas,” not on the body of a Lady Gaga fan.Lady Gaga Fan Skull Tattoo Finally, the last Gaga-inspired skull tat is inked on a girl’s back, between her shoulder blades, featuring a similar skull image, but with the words “Government Hooker” inked below her skull tattoo. Don’t be alarmed, “Government Hooker” is the name of another Lady Gaga track from her “Born This Way” album.

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