Lady Gaga Now Has Her Own Social Network. Wow!

Lady Gaga Now Has Her Own Social Network. Wow!
By | On July 16, 2012

Lady Gaga’s social network,, has become an instant hit, and Gaga fans from around the world are gathering together online to chat and share everything that has to do with the insanely popular singer. If you’re into the pop queen’s tattoos in particular, check out our profile at Lady Gaga Tattoos and learn everything there is to know about each and every tattoo the singer sports on her body. With the creation of, Lady Gaga fans now have a place to gather and share pictures, concert experiences, upcoming events, and everything they know about their common interest: Lady Gaga!

If there was going to be any celebrity to start her very own social network, we should have known it would be Lady Gaga. After all, the singer is officially the most-followed person on Twitter, with 27,093,821 followers, and is also one of the most popular celebrities on Facebook. It seems that Mother Monster may have gotten too big for Twitter and Facebook though, as she now has her own personal social network where friends, fans and followers can track the latest in Lady Gaga news, photos and upcoming events, and can also communicate with other Little Monsters and even Mother Monster herself. A few parts Google+, a few parts Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, Lady Gaga’s is the beginning of what is sure to be a wave of social network-esque celebrity fan sites. Check out our profile, Lady Gaga Tattoos, to catch up on the latest in Gaga news and stay in-the-know about all the pop star’s tats!

Create Your Own Profile was launched as an invite-only beta version earlier this year, and is a fan site built by community creation platform Backplane, in which Lady Gaga is a major investor. Users on can post their favorite images of the pop star, stay informed on the latest Lady Gaga news, and the singer can even communicate directly with her fans on the site. Those new to can create a profile by opening a new account with the site or by signing in with a Facebook or Twitter account, and by doing so, will automatically become a “fan” of Lady Gaga. The overall look and feel of Lady Gaga’s social network site is familiar, with some layout and functionality features borrowed from other popular social network platforms like Google+ and Pinterest.

Do You “Like” users can “Like” posts and fellow Monsters, and they can also “fan” profiles they are into and acquire “fans” of their own. Similar to Facebook and Twitter, Monster members can post personal updates, participate in discussion threads, and send and receive personal messages, although features unique to Lady Gaga’s social network include following the singer in the news and tracking and purchasing tickets for upcoming events. True to the superstar’s form and the overall Lady Gaga message, current users on the social network have contributed to open threads concerning topics like bullying support and LGBT rights. Lady Gaga is here to stay ladies and gentlemen, as the instant popularity of her social network proves, so you may as well get on board. Create a profile on, check out our profile, and learn everything there is to know about Mother Monster!

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Without over 180,000 members worldwide already, is a prime example of Lady Gaga’s powerful social media presence. “You can go on somebody’s Facebook profile and see that they like Lady Gaga, but you don’t know to what degree,” said Backplane CEO Matt Michelson. “Little Monsters shows how many concerts they’ve attended and their overall level of participation around a common interest.” One distinctive feature of is its multilingual chat feature, which allows Monsters from all around the world to interact with one another and with Lady Gaga herself. There’s no denying the fact that Gaga is a megastar with a solid presence around the world, and now fans of Mother Monster can stay informed on concert dates, upload and share their favorite pictures of the pop queen, and track all of Lady Gaga’s tattoos. And get this: Michelson has even hinted that a mobile app is in the works, so you may soon be able to take Lady Gaga with you wherever you go!

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