Miley Cyrus Reveals New Avocado Arm Tattoo on Instagram

Miley Cyrus Reveals New Avocado Arm Tattoo on Instagram
By | On July 4, 2015

Miley Cyrus’ tattoo designs have been getting wackier and wackier of late, and the inked-up pop star has just revealed a brand-new tattoo on her left arm of half an avocado, proving that, as a happy hippie, she can do whatever she darn well pleases, thank you very much! In fact, when she’s not busy getting inked with seemingly random fruit designs in Australia, Miley has been spotted locking lips with Stella Maxwell, a Belgium-born Victoria’s Secret model and the daughter of an Irish diplomat. We wonder what Stella thinks of Miley Cyrus’ avocado tattoo??

Miley debuted her new avocado tattoo on Instagram in the early morning hours of July 4, following a tattoo session courtesy of Hunter & Fox Tattoo shop in Sydney, Australia. Miley Cyrus’ tattoo was inked by tattoo artist Lauren Winzer, who posted a photo of the fresh ink on her own Instagram account, as well as a pic of the healed pineapple tattoo she gave Miley’s bestie Cheyne Thomas a while back. Miley captioned her Instagram pic “Dear Avocado, I love you so much @laurenwinzer givezzzz me gooseyz.”

The design of Miley Cyrus’ new tattoo is pretty basic: it’s a half of an avocado (the part without the pit, in case you were wondering) inked with a dark green outer skin and light green inside flesh, just like the avocado you ate with your eggs this morning. Miley has yet to explain the meaning behind her avocado tattoo, but honestly, at this point, we’ve almost stopped wondering about what some of her more random ink symbolizes. So, we aren’t going to dig any deeper into this new arm tattoo; it’s an avocado because Miley Cyrus loves avocados.

You know what that means though. For all of you who thought you were super into avocados, you’ve just been one-upped by Miley Cyrus. And unless you’re willing to get the super food inked on your body, you’ll never be able to catch up to her!

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