Miley Cyrus Fanatic Carl McCoid Debuts New Portrait Tat on His Hand, Making 23 Miley Tats

Miley Cyrus Fanatic Carl McCoid Debuts New Portrait Tat on His Hand, Making 23 Miley Tats
By | On February 14, 2014

The infamous Miley Cyrus fanatic known for his array of tattoos dedicated to the pop star has struck again, this time inking a black and white profile portrait tattoo of Miley on his hand. Carl McCoid, known worldwide by his nickname and Twitter handle MileyCyrusCarl, claims to be Miley’s number one fan, and who can argue with a 40-year-old man who lost his wife and family over a collection of Miley Cyrus-themed tattoos now numbering in the twenties?? In fact, Carl credits the controversial 21-year-old singer with helping him get over his divorce in 2009, and, in his own special way of offering thanks, MileyCyrusCarl hopes to make it to 30 tattoos of Miley by the end of the year.

Portrait tattoos seem to be a favorite for Carl McCoid, who calls them “a timeline” of Miley’s ever-changing appearance. The singer’s most recent look features a platinum blonde coif with darker shaved sides, and Carl’s tattoo artist has pretty accurately depicted this style in his latest tattoo, which must have hurt like hell because of its location. Tattoo number 23 for Carl McCoid is inked on the back of his left hand and features a black and white image of Miley Cyrus’ profile, finally chosen by Carl after sifting through more than 6,000 potential photos. Another recent tattoo of Carl’s is inked on the back of his right hand and includes the phrase “Miley: The Movement A Strategic Hot Mess,” which is how Miley describes her infamous VMA’s performance.

When speaking about his new portrait tattoo on his hand, Carl said, “[It] had to always be visible which is why I chose my hand.” miley cyrus profilePrior to the latest Miley Cyrus tattoo, Carl went under the needle a whopping 20+ other times for the sake of his obsession, getting numerous portraits depicting Miley Cyrus’ fashion transformation, tattoos of her name, tattoos of her song lyrics and album titles, and tattoos celebrating important moments in Miley’s life. “I thought it would be a temporary project,” Carl said about his Miley Cyrus tattoo collection during a recent interview with Celebuzz, “but it looks like it could continue because of Miley’s ongoing change of style.” The man is obviously obsessed with Miley Cyrus, and we’re just wondering what’s going to come first: Miley chooses a style and sticks with it or Carl McCoid runs out of real estate. Stay tuned to find out!

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