Miley Cyrus Marks Melbourne Arrival With New Wrist “Wukong” Tattoo Dedicated to Brother Braison

Miley Cyrus Marks Melbourne Arrival With New Wrist “Wukong” Tattoo Dedicated to Brother Braison
By | On October 10, 2014

**Update: Miley Cyrus showed off her new wrist tattoo for her brother Braison on Instagram on October 10, and the ink actually says “Wukong,” not “Brai.” Miley explained the meaning behind the odd ink during an October 13 appearance on Sunrise in Sydney, saying, “I call my brother ‘Wukong,’ it’s a monkey king so I got [the tattoo] for him.”

After arriving in Melbourne on a private jet from New Zealand on October 9, Miley Cyrus’ first priority was grabbing some beers and getting inked with none other than her younger brother, Braison. Miley’s new tattoo was done by artist Myles Paten of the Eureka Rebellion Trading tattoo shop in Collingwood, a suburb of Melbourne, and according to the shop owner, Miley’s tat features her brother Braison’s nickname on her left wrist. Noticeably absent from the tattoo session was Miley’s half-brother Trace, who is pretty much already covered from head to toe in tattoos, and said on Twitter just last week that he regrets getting so much ink.

Miley and her entourage arrived at Eureka Rebellion Trading at about 8:30 on the evening of October 9, immediately after getting off her private jet from New Zealand and grabbing some pizza and a few beers. “She knew about the shop through mutual friends and came down to have a look with her brother,” said shop owner Anthony Allayialis. “We were basically about to close when she came in asking for a couple of tatts.”

According to Anthony Allayialis, Miley opted for a small image of her brother’s nickname on her left wrist, and after doing a quick search online, we discovered that Braison’s only real nickname is Brai. So that’s our best guess as far as Miley Cyrus’ tattoo design goes, until she finally removes the wrapping and debuts the new ink. Braison, on the other hand, decided to get a larger piece on his right forearm featuring a pretty cool-looking ship at sea.

miley-cyrus-wukong-tattooOn September 30, Trace Cyrus took to Twitter to lament his extensive collection of ink, saying, “So sad I ruined my body with all these stupid tattoos. I’m going to look so stupid when I’m old. I’m such an idiot. Don’t get tattoos.” Miley was quick to tell her bro to turn that frown upside-down, writing in response, “wtf?!?!! You’re the coolest lookin’ dude I know! Don’t say dat!!!! #lezgettattedwhhenimhome.” Never one to not follow through with plans to get inked, Miley Cyrus hit up the tattoo parlor just nine days later, with little bro Braison in tow, but sans Trace.

miley cyrus wrist tattooMiley Cyrus is certainly no stranger to tattoos, and the new ink on Braison’s forearm isn’t his first tattoo either. The 20-year-old already rocks a large tattoo on his abdomen, as well as an odd circle tattoo on his right wrist, and now he has some brand-new ink on his right forearm too! Miley and Braison were obviously thrilled with their new ink, and when they left the Melbourne tattoo shop, Miley gave all the employees free tickets and VIP passes for her Bangerz tour, which kicked off its Australian leg the following day. What a cool chick!

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