Nicki Minaj Fans Go Overboard With Bizarre Tribute Tats

Nicki Minaj Fans Go Overboard With Bizarre Tribute Tats
By | On January 10, 2013

If you thought Lady Gaga fans were super-dedicated (and also possibly slightly insane), wait until you see the tattoos Nicki Minaj fans have gotten inked on their bodies in honor of the queen of alter egos. It’s true that crazy breeds crazy, and Nicki Minaj/Harajuku Barbie/Cookie/Roman Zolanski is DEFINITELY more insane than Lady Gaga, right? We knew there were some die-hard Nicki Minaj fans out there, but who knew what lengths they would go to to show their devotion to the controversial rapper. Check out these crazy Nicki Minaj fan tattoos and let us know what you think!

Bizarre’s Arm Tattoo of Nicki

Now, this one is bizarre. No, really, it’s Bizarre, the D12 rapper. He is apparently such a huge fan of Nicki Minaj that he decided to get an image of her face tattooed on his arm. The portrait is inked on the outside of Bizarre’s left arm and features a wide-eyed Nicki Minaj sporting an electric blue wig, à la Harajuku Barbie. The proud rapper revealed his Nicki Minaj fan tat via YouTube, along with this explanation: “I want to show Nicki how much I really, really love her. Love her. …So check this out Nicki. I did this for you and only you. So here goes the world exclusive. This is how much I love you…Right now, I’m going to show you my new addition. My new tattoo. Check it out…Nicki, this is how much I love you. This is your husband, Bizarre.” Now we know how he got his stage name…

Fan’s Nicki Minaj Back Tattoo

Nicki Minaj Fan Back TattooThis fan is so obsessed with Nicki Minaj that she decided to devote her entire back to a tribute tattoo of the rapper. At least we think it’s a tattoo of Nicki; it really doesn’t look anything like her. The back tat features a black and white swirly background with stars of varying sizes, and a scantily-clad Nicki Minaj in her red and blue Wonder Woman outfit. If you’re confused about the superhero attire, it’s because Nicki Minaj & P Cutta released a mixtape CD called “Wonder Woman,” with the rapper posing on the front in the iconic costume. Also, Ms. Minaj fancies herself hip hop’s new Wonder Woman. So there you have it.

Nicki Minaj Fan’s Lip Tat

nicki minaj fan's tattoo inside her lip

Move over girl with “Born This Way” inked inside your lip, there’s a badder lip tattoo in town. This chick, who goes by the name Madison Rose on Twitter, got a tribute tattoo inked on the inside of her lip that says simply “Minaj” in black capital letters, except for the “i,” which is lower case. The hardcore Nicki Minaj fan posted the pic of her lip tattoo for her music idol to see, along with the caption, “the pain I went through for tht Tattoo.” If only it didn’t look like a 5th grader did it!


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