Pop Star Pink Talks Tattoos and Family Plans in Exclusive Australian Interview

Pop Star Pink Talks Tattoos and Family Plans in Exclusive Australian Interview
By | On August 20, 2013

Pop star Pink sat down to an exclusive interview with editor of Marie Claire magazine Jackie Frank last week, for Australia’s Sunday Night show, and the singer spilled the beans about her tattoos, whether or not she plans to have more kids, and what she’ll do the day her kids want to get inked. Judging by Pink and her inked-up husband Carey Hart’s affinity for tattoos, that day is pretty much inevitable, don’t you think? Pink has more than 25 tattoos to her name already, and she seems to be on the fence when asked about getting more ink in the future. Sometimes she says she wants to be covered and sometimes she says she wishes she could start with a blank slate when it comes to the ink she already has. One thing is certain: Pink and her husband love tattoos, and we have a feeling that kind of thing runs in the family.

Pink: “I Love the Idea of All the Chaos”

In true Pink style, the 33-year-old pop star held nothing back during the Sunday Night interview. When asked if she’ll have more kids, Pink replied: “I don’t know. I just like them so much. I don’t want to do the baby stuff five times, but the idea of like a holiday and five kids fighting and me sitting at the head of the table cracking up, pouring more wine, I just love that idea, and I love the idea of all the chaos.” Pink may like the idea of chaos, but in reality, her life seems pretty ordered and calm to us. Her only daughter, Willow Sage Heart, just turned two in June, and already, Pink is looking to the future, thinking about having more kids and deciding how she’ll react when Willow approaches Pink about getting her first tattoo.

Pink Doesn’t Want Her Daughter to Get Inked

The first time Pink went under the needle, she was only 12 years old. She got a Japanese kanji symbol meaning “good luck and happiness” inked on her left foot that year, and from then on, Pink was addicted to tattoos. When it comes to Willow though, Pink plans to convince her daughter that getting inked isn’t as cool as it seems. “I got my tongue pierced and my first tattoo when I was 12. So I’m hoping for like 15, 16. I’m just going to tell her, nowadays, that it’s cooler not to. You’re cooler if you don’t do what everybody else is doing. And she’s going to listen and we’re going to be best friends forever and we’re never going to argue, ever,” Pink said during the interview, laughing. As idealistic as Pink’s prediction may be, we actually have a feeling the down-to-earth singer may be spot on!

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