BFF’s Rihanna & Cara Planning to Ink Matching Tattoos…On Each Other!

BFF’s Rihanna & Cara Planning to Ink Matching Tattoos…On Each Other!
By | On June 6, 2013

Pop star Rihanna may be planning to go back under the needle, but if she does, the person holding the needle could be the one and only Cara Delevingne! Rihanna and the British model have become fast friends recently, and it appears as though RiRi’s tattoo addiction may be rubbing off on the formerly tattoo-free Cara. Rihanna was there when the 20-year-old model got her first-ever tattoo just last month, and, according to recent reports, the gal pals now have plans to ink one another, with the help of celebrity tattoo artist Keith “Bang Bang” McCurdy, of course! There’s no info yet about what the matching tattoos will say, but the girls have apparently decided to do a word or phrase in another language. Rihanna loves her foreign language tattoos!

“Lovers” Looking to Get Hebrew Writing Tats

Leave it to Rihanna to come up with some dramatic way to add to her tattoo collection, by having a 20-year-old model ink it on her body. “The girls love the idea of giving each other a tattoo,” said a source about the upcoming DIY tattoo session. “Rihanna is used to doing it and has performed dozens. She even gave Bang Bang one last year, so she is practically a pro. Bang Bang has now taught Cara how to do it too and has also offered to supervise the girls while they ink each other.” Wondering what Rihanna, who has upped the ante with larger, more intricate tattoos in recent months, will opt for this time? “They both want Hebrew writing like Harry Styles and David Beckham, which is very much in fashion, and much easier to do than an image,” the same source reported. “It’s all planned for their next trip to New York.”

A Little Help from Bang Bang

Keith (Bang Bang) McCurdy of New York City’s East Side Ink tattoo shop is responsible for inking the impressive lion tat Cara has on her finger and the model’s more recent hand tattoo featuring her “CJD” initials as well. Bang Bang has also done almost all of RiRi’s tattoos and has inked tats on some of our favorite pop stars as well, including Chris Brown, Justin Bieber and Katy Perry, so he’s a pro to say the least. But Bang Bang may actually be more famous for allowing his clients to turn the needle on him and ink their own artwork on his body. This time, however, Bang Bang is apparently just going to supervise while RiRi and Cara ink each other. The new tattoos will likely surface in the next couple of months, so stay tuned to find out how it goes!

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