Rihanna’s Chest Tattoo Really Makes Her Outfit at Chanel

Rihanna’s Chest Tattoo Really Makes Her Outfit at Chanel
By | On July 3, 2013

Rihanna’s beautiful and bold outfit at the Chanel Haute Couture Fall-Winter 2013-14 collection in Paris can only add to her legendary exhibitions of style. She posted a series of Instagram photos on Tuesday of her long, partly un-buttoned sweater that showed off her chest tattoo of the Goddess Isis, making it a centerpiece for the slightly risque outfit. She posted with the pics: “Went straight to the Chanel Couture show early this morning with NO SLEEP!! It was so worth it!!”

Her look really stole the show. A little flirtatious and revealing, and yet somehow very reserved, it allowed fans and audiences to project their own vision on what she was sporting underneath, mostly her tattoos.

As shown in the photos, Rihanna’s outfit is a serious twist on a long white dress with pearls. Open almost to her belly button, it exposes her tat nicely – and allowed some reviewers to claim that they could see her nipple piercing!

“Only Rihanna can make a long sweater dress seem like she’s wearing next to nothing,” was USA Today’s take on Rihanna’s Chanel appearance.




Rihanna's Chest Tattoo at Chanel

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