Drake Honors Brand, Favorite Month with “Oktober” Lion Tattoo

Drake Honors Brand, Favorite Month with “Oktober” Lion Tattoo
By | On December 24, 2015

In addition to being born in October, Drake’s record label and clothing line is called “October’s Very Own,” so it wasn’t too much of a surprise when Drake went under the needle this week for a tattoo tribute to the month of October. Drake’s new tattoo was first posted on Instagram by celebrity tattoo artist Dr. Woo, of the Shamrock Social Club tattoo shop in Los Angeles, and the ink features an incredibly detailed lion head with the word “Oktober” inked above it and “Lejonhjärta” inked below. This marks tattoo number 19 for Drake, who seems intent on covering his body with permanent tributes to his loved ones, his hometown of Toronto, and his music career.

Photos of Drake’s new tattoo first cropped up online on December 23, when Dr. Woo posted an image of the powerful ink along with the caption, “lion head for the homie @champagnepapi.” It wasn’t long before the most devoted Drake fans had deciphered the foreign phrase in Drake’s tattoo, which is inked on the inside of his left forearm and is Swedish for “October Lionhearted.” Wondering why Drake chose to get a tattoo written in Swedish? Well, interestingly enough, another Instagram photo posted by Swedish models and sisters Elizabeth and Victoria Lejonhjärta on the same day as Drake revealed his new tattoo shows the twins posing with the singer and is captioned, “That time we got some Canadian dude drunk and had him get a tattoo of our name.” Ouch…

drake swedish models

Turns out that “some Canadian dude” was October’s Very Own Drake, and whether or not he was actually drunk when he got his arm tattoo, the singer now has a very visible tribute to his OVO brand (and a couple of Swedish models). Drake’s new “October Lionhearted” tattoo joins several other tats the singer has had inked over the years in tribute to his boys, his fellow artists and his October’s Very Own brand, including a songbird tattoo on his back with the letters “XO20” and his owl back tattoo, which is accompanied by the quote, “If I die today, it’ll be a holiday/atf/ovo/ymcmb/reps up.” We have to admit though, Drake’s “Oktober Lejonhjärta” is our favorite so far!

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