Kylie Jenner Gets New “M” Finger Tattoo, Then Brands Her Tattoo Artist with King Kylie Logo

Kylie Jenner Gets New “M” Finger Tattoo, Then Brands Her Tattoo Artist with King Kylie Logo
By | On May 2, 2016

While spending time with gal pals Jordyn Woods and Justine Skye in New York City over the weekend, Kylie Jenner swung by the West Village to see celebrity tattoo artist Jon Boy, and had him give her yet another tiny red tattoo – a red squiggly “M” on the inside of her right-hand pinky finger. The fun didn’t stop there though; Kylie also got a touch-up on her “Mary Jo” arm tattoo, and then turned the needle on Jon Boy and gave him a permanent (and tiny) tattoo of her signature “King Kylie” crown, a heart and a capital letter K, all in red of course.

Kylie posted a photo of her tiny new finger tattoo on Instagram on May 1, captioning the snap simply, “M.” In the picture, another person is shown with a matching red squiggly “M” tattoo, also inked on the inside of their right pinky finger. Kylie Jenner’s tattoo is apparently a friendship tattoo with best friend Jordyn Woods, one of the girls who accompanied Kylie to the tattoo shop. Kylie Jenner (unsurprisingly) documented the entire late-night tattoo session on Snapchat, including showing her touched-up “Mary Jo” arm tattoo with the caption: “Perfect.”

kylie jenner mary jo tattoo

Tiny tattoos are all the rage these days, and the most popular location for these discreet pieces is the finger, even though that also happens to be one of the most painful spots to get a tattoo (just ask Rihanna or Miley Cyrus). This new red “M” tattoo marks Kylie Jenner’s fourth tattoo, all done in red ink, a unique color Kylie says she chose because it was “different.” Among her other tiny tattoos are a small red heart outline on the back of her arm, her grandmother Mary Jo’s name inked in her late grandfather’s handwriting, and the phonetic spelling of the word “sanity” on her hip.

kylie jenner tattoo

Kylie has yet to reveal the meaning behind her tiny red “M” tattoo, but it’s possible that she and Jordyn Woods took some inspiration from Kendall Jenner and Hailey Baldwin, who also have matching BFF tattoos on their fingers.

kylie pinky tattoo3

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