Rihanna’s Tibetan Butt Tattoo is NOT New, But a Year Old!

Rihanna’s Tibetan Butt Tattoo is NOT New, But a Year Old!
By | On February 23, 2013

Rihanna celebrated the big 2-5 on February 20, and lots of popular celebrity news sources out there (ahem, Perez Hilton and Examiner) are claiming that the pop star went under the needle yet again for her birthday. Truth be told, the “mysterious” tattoo Rihanna is sporting on her derriere was not, in fact, a birthday gift to herself, and it’s not all that mysterious either. If you look check back and read some of our older posts, you’ll see that Rihanna has been rocking the butt tattoo since sometime in early 2012, and that it says “lover” in Tibetan. There ya go, Rihanna tattoo mystery solved!

RiRi Shows Off Sexy “Lover” Tattoo

The birthday girl posted a Twitter pic of herself relaxing at her villa in Hawaii shortly after her birthday, and in it Rihanna is smoking a blunt and sporting a teeny Rasta bikini that perfectly displays her Tibetan hip tattoo. Because Rihanna hasn’t said much about her butt tattoo since she got it inked in 2012, many people were unaware she got the ink at all…until now. As Perez Hilton reports, “The tat is written in some foreign language, and seeing as we are NOT an expert in linguistics, we don’t know where the letters come from or what they say.” Well, we do! When getting the ink on her hip, RiRi drew from the same theme as her other foreign language tattoos and got a tat that means “lover” in Tibetan.

Rihanna Was Surrounded By Love on Her B-Day

Rihanna's Tibetan "Lover" Butt TattooJudging by the pop star’s highly-anticipated reunion with bad boy Chris Brown (and judging by her butt tattoo), Rihanna is definitely a lover, not a fighter. And now that she has the love of her life by her side, the Bajan beauty seems happier than ever! According to a source close to RiRi, on her birthday, she “just chilled the whole day with Chris and didn’t want to be bothered – she was having the time of her life, turning 25 and was turned up the whole damn day. She didn’t have a care in the world. Everybody that is important to her, all the people in her life that mean something to her, came out and showed her love.” Way to go girl, you deserve it!

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