Rihanna Hip Tibetan “Lover” Tattoo

Rihanna Hip Tibetan “Lover” Tattoo
By | On May 31, 2012

The mystery of Rihanna’s secret hip tattoo has been deciphered! Back in early 2012, we noticed that RiRi was sporting a previously unknown tattoo on her hip, thanks to a couple of shots taken of the singer in a teeny fringe bikini while she was vacationing in Hawaii, and again during a risqué photo shoot for Esquire magazine. We (correctly, we believe) assumed that the discreet tattoo had been inked in January 2012 by Mark Mahoney of L.A’s Shamrock Shack, during the same session that Rihanna scored the “Thug Life” tattoo tribute to Tupac on her knuckles. If you remember, we showed you some pictures of Rihanna laying on her stomach drinking some booze while Mahoney apparently worked on a lower back/butt tattoo for the pop star. However, other people say Rihanna’s hip tattoo was inked in March 2012. The jury’s still out on the exact date.

The Meaning of RiRi’s Hip Tattoo

The fact that Rihanna hasn’t spoken at all in public about her hip tattoo is only one reason why the ink was so mysterious. The other reason is because, like many of the pop star’s other tattoos, the butt tat is inked in a foreign language. It took a while, but we’ve finally discovered that RiRi’s secret tattoo on her hip/butt is actually written in Tibetan and reads simply “lover.” Love has played an important role in Rihanna’s life lately, especially with the recent passing of her beloved grandmother, but a major part of her love life has faced some serious criticism as well – namely her very public reunion with the man she calls the love of her life, Chris Brown, and all the trouble RiRi’s former abuser has been getting himself into these days (think barroom brawl with Rihanna’s ex, Drake). Perhaps Rihanna simply got the hip tattoo inked as a reminder that, regardless of what happens in her life, she is surrounded by the people she loves and those who love her back.

Rihanna’s Other Exotic Language Tats

Rihanna's Tibetan Lover Tattoo on Her HipIt’s interesting that Rihanna has chosen the Tibetan language for her “lover” tattoo, because it is yet another example of her obsession with tattoos inked in foreign languages. To date, RiRi has a tattoo inked in each of the following languages: French, Sanskrit, Arabic, Tibetan and English. She also has a tattoo on her shoulder inked in Roman numerals, a Maori-inspired tribal tattoo that symbolizes “love” and “strength,” and a personal mantra inked backwards on her chest, which makes it just as difficult to interpret as her foreign language tattoos. Why do you think RiRi likes to get tattoos inked on her body in other languages; so the general public can’t decipher them as easily? More importantly, why do you think Rihanna has kept her hip tattoo under wraps all these months? Let us know what you think!

6 Responses to: Rihanna Hip Tibetan “Lover” Tattoo

  1. gravatar Dikyi Yangzom Reply
    March 22nd, 2013

    Hello, this article is simply wrong. I am a tibetan woman, and the tattoo reads “Boyfriend Girlfriend making love” or “Fucking”. The tibeatan language is a sacred Bhuddist language, and it is very ignonorant saying this tatto have anything to do with pure love, heart to heart.

    I get very angry when I see this article as many people may read this and do the same in the belief that this tatto have anything to do with pure love.
    It is very disrespectful to the Dalai Lama and the Tibetan people tattoing this on your butt/lower back showing it off as something hip and cool.

    If you are a famous singer, don’t be arrogant showing your ignorance like this.
    Did your parents not teach you respect for other people and cultures.
    I dont care if you, in the word, are the most famous or the most popular person. This is bringing your name down for a lot of people over a big part of the world.

    I know the tibetan language and if this is just a misunderstanding, and I can teach you the real meaning of the tibetan language.

    Think before you write, if you have this website trying to be the biggest on the latest gossip on famous people then you should not pass on this ignorance.

    I am from Tibet


  2. gravatar T. Tsering Reply
    May 3rd, 2013

    Hey Dikyi,
    Don’t cry. Its an honor that such a leading singer has chosen the Tibetan language to tattoo on her body. Tibetan language is just a language. Religious text might be secret and could be labelled as ‘disrespect’ to the particular religion if some one does tattoo that on such parts of the body. However, language is just language. Please don’t cry simply. I am also a Tibetan and I am not a fan of the singer but I am much acknowledged by her decision to choose the Tibetan language. Thank you Rihanna –we love you and next time, please get a ‘Free Tibet’ tattoo on your arms. Thanks all the best.

    NOTE–The translation is perfectly correct. That means lover or some one who loves some one. Dikyi seems either poor in Tibetan language or poor eye vision. In Tibetan “Ga Po Jhe Khen” means ‘lover’ or “some one who loves someone”– Lover is more factually correct.

  3. gravatar Karma Reply
    May 3rd, 2013

    I am fully surprised that(one of the most popular singer of our age had tattoo of our language).cool i like it…….thnk u rihana. Dikyi la,its ok as she didnt write mantras on her hip.as she had just written lover in tibetan.

  4. gravatar khampa cat Reply
    July 26th, 2013

    such a disrespect to our script.
    fuck this rihanna bitch.
    chris brown should abuse her again.

  5. gravatar Errotica 27 Reply
    March 31st, 2016

    Who gives a Shiiiiiiiit!!!!!
    This is her body, not yours.
    “Just Live Ya Life”…
    And by the way… Shit Face, Rhianna…nor ANY Woman; deserves to be Abused the way she and many others have.
    So, for you to breathe those words into the universe…Remember, the whole you dig for someonelse may be the one or more you’ll FALL into.
    Rock On Rhianna!!!!!

  6. gravatar Tenzin Reply
    August 30th, 2016

    There is absolutely no disrespect in it at all and the translation is 100% correct . It’s a shame how some of us (Tibetans) are over exaggerating this. But, If you get Buddhist sutras/mantras, and images of goddess near your buttocks or lower body; it’s bad..

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