Kanye West Fan Gets Crazy Huge “KIMYE OVER!” Back Tattoo

Kanye West Fan Gets Crazy Huge “KIMYE OVER!” Back Tattoo
By | On January 5, 2014

Apparently, we weren’t the only ones who were upset by Kanye and Kim’s sad excuse for a music video; this female Kanye West fan railed against Kimye’s “Bound 2” nonsense (and their relationship in general) by getting a huge “KIMYE OVER!” tattoo on her back this week. Meet Kanyeresa West, formerly known as Lindaresa, who had her name legally changed after she got some grief for using the moniker “Mrs. Kanye West” on stage. In an interview with a Chicago radio station, Kanyeresa said she made the move to “get the man that I really love’s attention.” Congratulations Ms. West, you got his attention, and it may come with a restraining order too.

So when we say that this obsessed Kanye West fan got a back tattoo dedicated to her idol, we don’t mean a small heart tat with his name in it or a tribute tattoo of his initials. No, Kanyeresa went under the needle and had a gigantic tattoo inked across her entire back that reads “KIMYE OVER!” in capital block letters. The fan tattoo was done in black and white and extends from shoulder blade to shoulder blade and from just below her neck down to the middle of her back. The “KIMYE OVER!” tattoo looks like it was drawn by a five-year-old kid and, disturbingly enough, appears to have blood dripping from the letters.

This isn’t the first time Kanyeresa West has gone under the needle in the name of “love.” Prior to getting the “KIMYE OVER!” back tattoo, the loyal fan had Kanye West’s name tattooed across her butt to prove that she loves the rapper “more than all of those girls.” kanteresa-west-back-tattooBoth of Kanyeresa’s tattoos were apparently inked by the same five-year-old, and, get this, the woman actually plans to use a picture of her Kanye West butt tattoo as the cover of her new book. According to the super fan, “Until he say, ‘You’re crazy,’ or until he gets married, I’m gonna keep on going.” Move over woman with the “Drake” forehead tattoo…there’s a new kind of crazy in town.

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