Chris Brown’s Back Tattoos

Chris Brown’s Back Tattoos
By | On March 23, 2012

The back tattoos that Chris Brown currently has are just the beginning – well, more the middle – of his tattoo fetish. Throughout the past few years, Breezy added more and more tats to his arms until they were completely covered, and now he has moved on to his back with several more pieces of body art. Although Chris’ back still has plenty of room for new tattoos, we’re going to take a wild guess that it won’t stay that way for long. Since he seems intent on leaving no skin un-inked, we’re pretty sure the tats he has on his back so far are only the beginning of the singer’s back tattoo plans. It’s hard to imagine though, how Breezy is going to incorporate more back tattoos into the enormous smiley face between his shoulder blades. We’re sure he will find a way. Can you say full eagle back tattoo?

Portrait of Royalty on Chris’ Back

In a series of Instagram photos uploaded to Chris Brown’s account on June 6, 2016, the singer is sporting a pretty large portrait tattoo on his back of his daughter Royalty. Breezy’s Royalty tattoo is inked on the left side of his back/shoulder blade area, and was inspired by an adorable photo of a two-year-old Royalty looking into the camera with her big brown eyes and sticking her tongue into the corner of her mouth. Chris Brown’s back tattoo was inked just over a week after Royalty turned two years old, and is obviously an indication of how much he loves his only daughter.

Chris Brown’s Snake Back Tattoo

Chris Brown Snake TattooOne of Chris Brown’s most controversial tattoos is the snake he got inked on his upper right back on July 12, 2012. Breezy called on his favorite tattoo artist, Peter Koskela, to create the back tat, which was meant to represent the singer’s birth year, 1989 – the Year of the Snake. Koskela also inked a similar tattoo for CB’s then-girlfriend, Karrueche Tran, on the same day, although her hand tattoo depicts the Year of the Dragon – which is 2012. There are several different interpretations of the singer’s Chinese zodiac tattoo, which is where the controversy comes in. Because the snake in his back tat features a red triangle on its tail with the all-seeing eye inside, Chris has been slammed for being a member of the secret society called the Illuminati, which people have also accused Brown’s on-again, off-again girlfriend, Rihanna, of being a part of.

Speaking of RiRi, other people seem to think Chris Brown’s snake tattoo with the triangle actually represents the love triangle between Rihanna, Chris Brown and Drake, who Rihanna also used to date. When Breezy posted the pic of his snake tattoo on Twitter, he included the caption, “The impossible triangle: year of the snake!!!” which appears to be a nod to the Penrose triangle, often called “impossibility in its purest form.” A Rihanna and Chris Brown reunion would be complicated, but impossible? We think not.

Breezy’s Feathers Back Tat

Chris Brown Back TattooShortly after getting the smiley back tattoo, Chris Brown opted for another back tat to add to his collection of body art. In December 2011, Breezy tweeted a clear photo of his new tattoo on his back, which features two large feathers cross-crossing above his smiley face tat, extending up towards his neck. The pointed ends of the two feathers in the singer’s back tattoo appear to be embedded in his skin. Judging by some of his other tats, Chris Brown’s back tattoo may have a religious meaning relating to the soul. For many people, feather tattoos represent spirituality, as feathers are sometimes used in shamanic rituals to facilitate communication with the spiritual world. Feathers tattoos like Chris Brown’s back tattoo can also signify freedom, flight and courage. Given that he has several other tattoos inspired by religious themes, we think Breezy’s back tattoo must have something to do with the soul or spirituality.

Chris’ Smiley Face Back Tattoo

Chris Brown Back Smiley TattooIn June 2011, CB’s then-girlfriend Karrueche Tran tweeted a picture of his first back tattoo with the caption: “Breezy tat! Smiley,” and a lot of people were puzzled. Chris Brown’s back tattoo features a large smiley face inked between his shoulder blades at the top of his back, but it’s not just an ordinary smiley. Chris replaced the Walmart-style smiley face’s traditionally large grin with the jaw of a human skeleton – teeth and all.

While some of the singer’s fans are confused about his smiley back tattoo, and some are just plain disturbed, many people think the meaning of Breezy’s tattoo speaks to the disparity between his public appearance and his inner self. The controversial singer has spoken out about his anger issues in the past, and we all know about his very public arrest in 2009 for assaulting then-girlfriend, Rihanna. As a result, many people have speculated that Chris’ back tattoo could have something to do with the way he sees himself and the way the public and his fans see him. Regardless of its meaning, his skeleton smiley tattoo is pretty creepy, and it’s so big it’s hard not to notice.

10 Responses to: Chris Brown’s Back Tattoos

  1. gravatar Benji Reply
    August 13th, 2012

    Chris I just love your tattoos man!!…
    Hope that I can get those also!!.. ((:

  2. gravatar spyda Reply
    September 20th, 2012

    Chris don’t. Follow the media nor the hype follow ur heart, its nobodys business if that new tat is a beaten riana, u tat ur pain and ur plesures, life is bad n good, sweet sour, up down, and that’s wat ur tats represent, ur a good musician annd u got the grammy at a good young age, big up.

  3. gravatar Sky marie Reply
    September 30th, 2012

    I really don’t understand why so many people pressed about his tats! I mean their his “body art” let them be just that. Everyone sees things differently, so whatever tattoos he has what ever you think they mean THINK that! You don’t have to talk about it cause 9 times out of 10 it’s negative. And do you even have to bring up the 09 thing? Like I could of swore this about his tattoos but yet y’all never fail to bring up his pass stuff. Y’all can miss me with this new crap y’all on! Like Chris said let it be beautiful.

  4. gravatar Mia Thefemalebreezy Reply
    October 15th, 2012

    I hate that Chris Brown is part of the illuminati. But il always be a fan no matter what. <3

    • gravatar dayday Reply
      December 18th, 2015

      Welcome to the Devils world that’s exactly where he wants ya

  5. gravatar John leshan Reply
    March 7th, 2016

    ur tats r great & hav powerful meanings

  6. gravatar Kei Reply
    June 6th, 2016

    He just got a newvback tattoo of Royalty I believe yesterday. He said it was not finish yet but it’s on his Instagram. Just in case.

  7. gravatar Savanna Smith Reply
    March 9th, 2017

    OMG!! I love u so much Chris Breezy u r my hubbie and I luv ur tattoos too boo

  8. gravatar Iyania ? Reply
    July 31st, 2017

    Chris isn’t apart of the illuminati but the smiley face if inspired by one of his favorite artist they collaborated on a toy with a similar smile ?

  9. gravatar young jesh Reply
    April 13th, 2018

    thats how he chooses to live his life and thats no bodies business

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