Chris Brown Covers Up Fierce Lion Throat Tat With Devil Face Ink

Chris Brown Covers Up Fierce Lion Throat Tat With Devil Face Ink
By | On November 16, 2014

Following months of speculation, Chris Brown recently announced his Between the Sheets tour to promote his latest album, X, which he will be co-headlining with Trey Songz, and the singer apparently celebrated by going under the needle for a brand-new tattoo on his neck featuring a pretty scary-looking devil face. Chris Brown’s new devil tattoo in the center of his throat covers up the fierce lion head ink he added to his neck in October 2012, in the midst of the infamous Chris Brown-Rihanna-Karreuche Tran love triangle, and looks like it could have been designed after some sort of evil tiki dude.

When Chris Brown first revealed his lion neck tattoo in 2012, we thought it was pretty ballsy that he let someone tattoo directly on his throat. That must have hurt pretty bad, right?? Well, as it turns out, Breezy must not have been pleased with his lion tattoo (or else he really just enjoyed the pain), because he’s gone under the needle yet again and had it covered up with a creepy-looking devil face tat. Chris Brown’s tattoo is inked in black and white, and features an evil devil face complete with fangs and lines coming out of his mouth that make it look like he spit out the diamond in Breezy’s “Symphonic Love” chest tattoo.

Besides the fact that Chris’ new devil tattoo looks like it was drawn by some middle-school kid, it seems odd that the singer would choose to cover up his lion tattoo, which was very well done and appeared to symbolize courage and strength, two things Breezy is going to need if he plans to climb out of the hole he’s dug himself into recently. And if he was going to cover up one of his neck tattoos, shouldn’t it have been the tattoo of a woman’s face that got Chris Brown in so much hot water due to the fact that it bears a striking resemblance to the police photo of a beaten Rihanna after she was assaulted by her then-boyfriend in 2009?

Whatever his reasons for getting a cover-up tattoo on his neck, we have to admit, we liked Chris Brown’s lion tattoo better than this new devilish ink. What do you all think?

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    September 25th, 2016

    The tattoo on Chris neck is not Rihanna’s battered face like TMZ claimed and started that rumor. He said what it was what was the Mac cosmetic mask picture which he recreated. Tmz knew that and still refused to tell the truth. Chris even posted the picture of the Mac thing. Some of you cause him problems by believing tmz who are notorious for lying and fabricating the truth, like they photoshopped Rihanna’s battered face to make it look more serious and lied about her injuries which were mainly self inflicted by the picture mediatakeout posted and also posted one of Chris brown with injuries on that same night being photographed by the police of his own injuries. Wouldn’t that also make Rihanna not a victim but an abuser. You all just love to bring up what he did, but you fail to bring up the violent behavior of Rihanna and her abuse to Chris. Which she admitted to assaulting him before that night. So wouldn’t she be an abuser? Should she have been allowed to strike and abuse him?

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