Chris Brown’s Chest & Abdomen Tattoos

Chris Brown’s Chest & Abdomen Tattoos
By | On March 23, 2012

Next to his wildly successful music career and controversial arrest record, Chris Brown is probably best known for his massive collection of tattoos, the first of which was inked when the singer was only 13 years old. Since defying his mother on his thirteenth birthday (she reportedly told him: “You ain’t gettin’ no tattoo!”) and getting a Jesus tattoo inked on his arm, Chris has gotten so many tattoos it’s really tough to keep track. Fortunately, we’ve done it for you! Chris Brown’s chest tattoos are particularly interesting because they stand out more than his arm sleeves, which leave little skin left for the tattoo lover to ink up. We know you all love to read about Breezy, and we know his tattoos are what you’re interested in…so, for all of you out there dying to know about Chris Brown’s tattoos and their meanings, we have compiled the most up-to-date and informative resource about the singer’s chest tats and other body ink just for you!

Breezy’s T-Rex Dinosaur Tattoo

Nearly five months after revealing the “X” tattoo on his foot, Chris Brown posted a picture on Instagram on July 17, 2013, showing off a huge dinosaur tattoo inked on his left side. Breezy’s tattoo depicts a large skeleton of the notoriously vicious Tyrannosaurus Rex, and seems to follow a similar theme to some of the controversial singer’s other tats – ferocity and fighting back. In the side tattoo, the T-Rex, universally known as the king of the dinosaurs, looks poised to fight – it’s gigantic skull turned to the side with it’s crazy strong jaws open wide and its massive teeth flashing. Chris Brown’s dinosaur tattoo is inked in black and white and joins several other seemingly aggressive tattoos he already has, including the lion tat on his neck, his snake back tattoo, the Indian wolf chief tattoo on his neck, and his fighter jet chest tattoo.Chris Brown Dinosaur Tattoo Seems like Chris Brown has something to prove!

Chris Brown’s Fighter Jet Tattoo

Chris Brown debuted another chest tattoo on September 12, 2012, showing off via Instagram a large fighter jet inked across his abs, just below his wings tat. Brown went to tattoo artist John Petro for the ample chest tattoo, which resembles in location and appearance the Goddess Isis chest tattoo that Rihanna revealed just a few days prior. The F16 in Brown’s chest tat takes up a large part of the singer’s torso, with the nose of the plane pointing towards his naval and the wings curving around to his sides. Before completing the fighter jet tattoo, Brown’s tattoo artist tweeted, “About to go in on this #fighterjet #f16 #plane #tattoo on #chrisbrown.” Chris Brown Jet Fighter TattooBreezy unfortunately, didn’t have much to say about the new tat, except for “Fly,” which is the caption he wrote to accompany the pic of the chest tattoo he posted on Instagram.

Breezy’s “Bandit” Chest Tattoo

One of Chris Brown’s more recent chest tattoos is an image of himself inked on the left side of his chest, below his armpit. The chest tat features a picture of Chris wearing a respiratory mask and a hoodie that falls almost to his suggestively winking left eye. Chris Brown’s chest tattoo is one of many tats on his body that represent the R&B star’s love for graffiti, which it seems he may be getting back in to. Chris Brown The Bandit TattooThe art form is obviously something that Breezy holds dear to his heart, since he also named his third studio album “Graffiti,” and recently spray painted a funky mural on the wall of the Jenesse Center, a domestic violence intervention center in L.A. Chris Brown’s chest tat was inked by Peter Koskela of Black Banditz Tattoo in L.A., and the singer posted his new tat on Twitter on July 10, 2012 along with the message “The Bandit!! @petertattooist new ink!”

Chris Brown’s Stars Chest Tat

In addition to the wings, Chris Brown’s large chest tattoo also includes four stars, two large ones inked to the sides of the wings and two small ones inked above the wings. The stars in Breezy’s chest tattoo are outlined in black but aren’t shaded in, which makes them stand out really well against the black background. Chris Brown Wings Chest TattooThe celestial images must mean something important to Chris Brown, since he also got a neck tattoo with stars, which supposedly matches the stars tattoo the singer’s ex-girlfriend Rihanna has on her neck and back.

Chris’ Wings Chest Tattoo

When Chris Brown’s chest tattoo first made its appearance in 2009, many fans of the R&B star wondered if it was complete, since the “symphonic love” tat met up with his sleeve tattoos but left the rest of his chest looking unfinished. Just as we suspected, in December 2010, Breezy’s chest tattoo received a new addition featuring two large wings, which were expertly inked on his pecs. Pictures of Chris’ chest tattoo show the wings tattoo perfectly following the outline of his chest, which really makes the tattoo look sexy and almost tribal. Similar to the meaning of his other tattoos, the wings in Chris Brown’s chest tattoo are probably meant to be angel wings, which could represents his religious beliefs.

Chris Brown’s “Symphonic Love” Chest Tat

Chris Brown Symphonic Love TattooThe most visible of all Chris Brown’s tattoos are his chest tats (mostly because he likes to run around shirtless). Extending across the top part of his chest from shoulder to shoulder, Chris has a tattoo that reads “symphonic love” in lower case letters. His chest tattoo also features a large diamond, over which the text is inked, and two large roses, one located at each end of the text. The “symphonic love” in Chris Brown’s chest tattoo is inked in big letters that are outlined instead of filled in with black, really making the text stand out against the shaded black background. Although the majority of the singer’s chest tat is inked in black and white, the roses in the tat are red, so they really pop and draw your attention to the large chest tattoo.

Since pictures of Chris Brown’s tattoo cropped up while the singer was on vacation in Hawaii, many people believe the “symphonic love” tat was actually inked on the island. Although he hasn’t said much about his tattoos in public, it’s not hard to figure out the meaning behind Chris Brown’s “symphonic love” tat. The first tat the controversial singer ever got was an arm tattoo featuring an image of Jesus surrounded by music notes, symbolizing his gratitude for his God-given musical talent. Following this same theme, Chris Brown’s chest tattoo probably represents his love and passion for music.





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  1. gravatar Seven Stars Reply
    April 20th, 2013

    Chris browns tattoos really reflect his love for music and art

  2. gravatar Anthonette jooste Reply
    September 22nd, 2013

    There’s nothing I cn say nt wow.this guy is the king of tatoos because it reflects who he is and wat he values, I got ntn bt love 4 this 4 this guy n the type of music he produces, BEAUTIFUL!!!

  3. gravatar chocolate Reply
    July 4th, 2014


    • gravatar Fuck u Reply
      July 7th, 2016

      Bitch please

  4. gravatar Rebecca J. Reply
    October 8th, 2014

    I think Chris’s tattoos are GORGEOUS! They symbolize what he loves and his beliefs as a person and an artist. Love You Chris!

  5. gravatar Taylor Boatwright Reply
    February 13th, 2015

    i actually agree with chocolate a bit…if he is christian he should NOT have skulls and and other things tattoed on his body.
    His music can symbolize what he loves and his beliefs…
    GOD says no marking of the skin…If CHRIS is as he says he is about christ….He needs to have them removed…
    But on the other hand tattoos are beautiful and his do represent what MUSIC means to him.
    I know from Jurrasic park (LOL) that if a Tyrannasaurus Rex falls down it gets back up.
    And i can say that chris brown despite the Rihanna situation and the recent in and out of jail, he CAN get back up after a fight

  6. gravatar jo Reply
    April 2nd, 2015

    I think his tattoos are beautiful I bet he has something done regarding his daughter next I love his tatts they’re well sexy and so is he I would

  7. gravatar Cassandra mason Reply
    April 6th, 2017

    I love all of Chris Brown tattoos I’m do much in love with Chris Brown biggest fan here

  8. gravatar Kei Reply
    April 24th, 2017

    Chris got a couple new tattoos. Only one I can see is the joker on the right side, which is joker. Go check it out @chrisbrownofficialupdates @tattoosbyhalo

  9. gravatar Starr Reply
    December 21st, 2017

    I think his tattoos are really pretty! And skulls mean nothing you can still be a Christian with skull tattoos

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