Chris Brown’s Neck Tattoos

Chris Brown’s Neck Tattoos
By | On March 23, 2012

Since getting the stars tattoo on his neck in honor of his relationship with Rihanna back in 2008, Chris Brown has added quite a few other tattoos to his neck and throat…probably because he’s already covered up his arms and chest with ink and he needed some more space. Although the stars in Breezy’s first neck tattoo are pretty small and inconspicuous, the tattoos that the singer has opted for more recently are significantly larger and much more fierce. Chris has said himself that he is an artist and he views tattoos as body art, so it’s no wonder the R&B star is treating his body like a canvas and adding as much ink as he can. The only problem is, with all the neck tattoos he has accumulated over the years, Chris Brown is going to run out of space on his neck pretty darn soon. Then we suppose he will have to move on to more stomach, leg and back tattoos!

Chris’ Devil Face Tattoo Covering Up Lion Ink

In November 2014, around the same time that he announced his Between the Sheets joint tour with Trey Songz, Chris Brown debuted a brand new tattoo of a devil face that covered up the fierce lion tattoo he had inked on his neck in 2012. Chris Brown’s demon tattoo is inked directly in the middle of his throat, below his chin, and features a devilish face inked in black and white, complete with fangs and lines coming out of his mouth that make it look like the devil is spitting out the diamond in Breezy’s “Symphonic Love” chest tattoo. The singer’s devil tattoo looks like it was modeled after a scary tiki dude, and is definitely not our favorite Chris Brown tattoo.

Breezy’s Fierce Lion Tattoo on Throat

Chris Brown debuted a new tattoo on his neck on October 16, 2012, this time getting a large image of a lion’s head inked directly on his throat. Besides probably being extremely painful, Breezy’s neck tattoo is pretty darn fierce and speaks to the strength the singer most likely required in dealing with his Karreuche Tran/Rihanna love triangle in 2012. There are a number of possible meanings that could be attributed to Chris Brown’s lion tattoo, although they all denote similar qualities – power, strength, loyalty, nobility and courage. Oddly enough, these are all the things Breezy has been accused by his haters of lacking since his 2009 assault charges against on-again, off-again girlfriend, Rihanna. We can speculate on possible meanings all we want since the singer hasn’t spoken in public about his new ink, but Chris Brown’s neck tattoo could in all likelihood just mean he has branded himself as the “king of the jungle.” Would you be surprised?

Brown’s Mexican Day of the Dead Tat

Chris Brown Tattoo of Woman's FaceGiven their violent history, it’s no surprise that everyone though the tattoo inked on the right side of Chris Brown’s neck represented a battered Rihanna. However, Breezy has set the record straight, assuring us all that his neck tat featuring a woman’s face is actually a symbol of the Mexican holiday called “Dios de los Muertos” – or the Day of the Dead. Sugar skulls, which are skull or face images like the one Breezy now has inked on his neck, are commonly associated with the Mexican Day of the Dead celebration, and are used to honor the lives of those who have passed away. Apparently Brown really liked the “sugar skull” design used in a MAC cosmetics advertisement, and he brought a photo of the woman’s face with him to the tattoo parlor when he got his neck tattoo, which was inked by artist Peter Koskela. “I am an artist and this is art,” Chris Brown tweeted after debuting his neck tattoo. So there you have it – there is no connection between the singer’s 2009 abuse charges against Rihanna and his neck tat.

Chris Brown Indian Chief Tattoo

Chris Brown Wolf Chief TattooOne of Chris Brown’s newer neck tattoos is a large black and white image inked on the left side of his neck, in one of the few empty spaces he had left on his upper body. The neck tat has been described as “an Indian chief transforming into a wolf,” and was inked by tattoo artist Peter Koskela of Black Banditz Tattoo on Melrose in Los Angeles. Chris got the neck tattoo on June 29, 2012, just two days before he was scheduled to perform live at the BET Awards. Never one to shy away from public attention, Breezy’s neck tattoo was re-posted on Twitter by the R&B star, sharing with all his followers the five-hour-long process that he apparently slept through. Chris’ wolf tattoo on his neck is being called “intimidating” and “scary” by media outlets, some of whom believe the impressive ink has something to do with the singer’s enemy, Canadian rapper Drake.

Breezy’s Stars Neck Tattoo

Back in 2008 when the couple was still together, Rihanna and Chris Brown hit up the tattoo parlor together and got matching neck tattoos. Rihanna’s neck tattoo started out as a few stars scattered across the back of her neck, while Chris’ neck tattoo featured three simply and classy star outlines of varying sizes. Chris Brown Neck Stars TattooBreezy and Rihanna’s stars tattoos were reportedly inked as a symbol of their love…and we all know how that turned out. After the two stars split, Rihanna went on to add dozens more stars to her neck tattoo, which eventually trailed down her back and onto her right shoulder blade. Chris however, left his neck tattoo just the way it was, perhaps because he never stopped caring for Rihanna and didn’t want to get the tat removed or altered. When Breezy and RiRi called it quits in 2009, it’s possible that Chris Brown’s neck tattoo took on a new meaning – his rising stardom.

Chris Brown’s Fake Neck Tattoos

In June 2010, Chris Brown tweeted the message “tatted like a cholo,” and included pictures of several tattoos inked on the front part of his neck, including a colored sacred heart tattoo and flowers inked with vines all over his neck. Chris Brown Fake TattooThe pics sent Breezy fans all over the world into a whirlwind, to which the singer responded via Twitter: “The neck tatts are for a movie, not real! Calm down LOL.” Apparently Chris’ neck tattoos were fake, temporarily inked on his body for his 2010 movie “Takers.” Pictures of Chris Brown’s neck tattoos showed the temporary tats located just above the R&B star’s “symphonic love” chest tat. We wouldn’t have been surprised if Breezy’s neck tats were real though, since he seems intent on covering every inch of his body with ink!




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