Check Out This Fantasy Football League Loser’s Ridiculous Drake Thigh Tattoo

Check Out This Fantasy Football League Loser’s Ridiculous Drake Thigh Tattoo
By | On February 5, 2015

Remember the guy who ended up with an embarrassing Miley Cyrus “Wrecking Ball” tattoo on his thigh after being named the loser of his Fantasy Football league in 2013? Well, Omaha’s Dusty Carter has struck again, this time getting a ridiculous tattoo of Drake balancing a champagne class on his butt, à la Kim Kardashian’s controversial Paper cover shot that was intended to “break the internet.” Break the internet this Drake tattoo may, particularly because the shirtless singer’s pants are pulled down around his hips to show his bare butt, and popping out of the bottle in Drake’s hand is champagne forming bubble letters that read “#BOOTYHADMELIKE.”

Let it be known that Dusty Carter did not choose his Miley Cyrus tattoo, nor did he choose the gigantic Drake tattoo that now covers his right thigh – his fantasy league did. According to the rules of the league, which consists of ten guys mostly from Omaha, the biggest loser at the end of the season has to get a tattoo chosen by the winner, which means the stakes are pretty darn high for Carter and his buddies. Unfortunately, Dusty Carter is apparently terrible at Fantasy Football, and he has landed in last place overall the past two years running, hence the fan girl ink. Dusty Carter’s new Drake tattoo was inked on January 30, at the Grinn & Barrett tattoo shop in Omaha, by resident tattoo artist Jeremiah Connor.

For five years now, Carter and his friends have ensured that someone in the “Tattoo League” ends up with a really embarrassing new tattoo. After appearing on ESPN, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and The Howard Stern Show, the guys of the Omaha Fantasy Football League believe that the rule requiring that the loser get a ridiculous tattoo may have run its course, thankfully. And even if he now rocks an embarrassing thigh tattoo of a half-naked Drake, Carter can at least feel proud of the fact that he is the league’s first two-time loser, and is the only one in the league who had to get two tattoos as a result. All we have to say is, there’s always next year, Dusty Carter. There’s always next year…

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