Ed Sheeran Just Got a Huge Lion Tattoo on His Chest

Ed Sheeran Just Got a Huge Lion Tattoo on His Chest
By | On August 11, 2015

Ed Sheeran and Lewis Hamilton must be on the same wavelength these days, because the singer and the Formula One racing champ – both Brits – went under the needle for gigantic lion chest tattoos within just a few weeks of one another. Following the reveal of Lewis Hamilton’s lion tattoo on his chest on July 22, Ed Sheeran took to Instagram on August 11 to show off his own lion tattoo, done in bold orange and black ink and located directly in the center of his chest. The inked-up singer said it all when he captioned the Instagram pic of his near-completed ink, “Halfway and ouch.”

This latest tattoo for Ed Sheeran was done by celebrity tattoo artist Kevin Paul, who is super talented and has inked the likes of Harry Styles and Union J singer George Shelley in the past. After debuting the lion chest tattoo on Instagram, Ed posted another pic of the fresh ink on Twitter, captioning the snap, “Lion is courtesy of @kp_est78, who puts up with me complaining about the pain.” Apparently, Ed Sheeran’s tattoo of the lion was designed after the English football team’s logo, and is meant to celebrate the singer’s sold-out shows at Wembley Stadium in London (the home of the football team), where Ed performed for over 290,000 fans last month.

You might think that Ed Sheeran would be exhausted after receiving such an extensive tattoo on an area as sensitive as his chest, but apparently not, because the singer immediately turned the tattoo gun on Kevin Paul (watch the video below) and gave the artist a one-of-a-kind tattoo of a guitar on his leg. Ed Sheeran loves colorful, in-your-face tattoos, like the ones in both his sleeves, but this huge lion chest tattoo is taking it to another level! We like the lion design MUCH better than Ed Sheeran’s original idea, which was to get the floor plan of Wembley Stadium inked on his chest. Fortunately, he decided at the last minute that a tattoo of a stadium floor plan “seemed a bit ridiculous.”

What do you all think of Ed Sheeran’s lion chest tattoo??

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