L.A. Tattoo Artist Heartbroken Over Being Ditched by Harry Styles

L.A. Tattoo Artist Heartbroken Over Being Ditched by Harry Styles
By | On September 25, 2013

We are all pretty fond of Harry Styles’ new rose tattoo, but there was one person who was definitely not happy when pics of the arm tat hit the news – Harry Styles’ go-to tattoo artist Freddy Negrete. The 19-year-old got his tattoo inked in Los Angeles in September 2013, while enjoying a break from touring, and we weren’t sure where he got it done. We now know though that Harry’s tat wasn’t inked by Freddy, who has done a number of the One Direction singer’s tattoos in the past, and was less than pleased to find out that Harry chose to get inked somewhere else. “I didn’t do the rose,” Freddy told the Daily Star newspaper. “He didn’t even get it here at the parlor. I don’t know who did it.” Uh-oh…it sounds like Harry Styles may have ditched his favorite tattoo artist!

Harry visited Freddy Negrete’s Shamrock Shack tattoo parlor in Hollywood for his first tattoo, and Freddy has inked several of Harry Styles’ tattoos since, “until the big one when he was here with [ex-girlfriend] Taylor Swift last year,” Freddy told the Daily Star. That would be the gigantic ship tattoo the singer has inked on the upper part of his left arm, which has been the source of considerable controversy since it was done, because of its potential connection to Taylor Swift. Not only was the songstress at the tattoo shop with Harry when he got the arm tat, but, according to some eagle-eyed fans, a similar ship tattoo can be seen on the arm of Taylor’s love interest in her “I Knew You Were Trouble” music video.

harry styles ship tattooContrary to popular belief, Harry says his ship tattoo, which was inked in December 2012, is a symbol of home and his family, not a tribute to the one that got away. Even Freddy Negrete, who inked the huge ship tat, insisted that: “[Harry] wanted a realistic looking English ship, because he misses home and needs to remind himself that he’s homeward bound.” We think that Harry’s ship tattoo is okay, even though it’s gigantic, and we love his new rose tattoo, but the majority of his designs are kind of terrible. In fact, the singer recently admitted that he regretted a lot of his tattoos, saying, “there are some that my friends have done and some that are just awful…I mean, these are just crap!” Freddy must be praying to God right now that Harry wasn’t talking about the tats he got at the Shamrock Shack…

freddy_with_harryWhether he wasn’t pleased with the work Freddy did on his ship tattoo, or he just wanted to try something new, Harry hasn’t been back to the Shamrock Shack since last December, and Freddy is starting to worry. “Harry said he would be back. I don’t know why he’s gone somewhere else now.” How heartbreaking!

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